How the MSM has shaped the NZ National Party

Whereas the Labour party bears the greatest part of the blame for New Zealand’s decline into a lawless degenerate backwater, it is an unwelcome truth that the National Party has over time made its own generous contribution to this unfortunate outcome.

Citizens are aware of the failure of the Nats. Even with such a disastrous govt as exists today, voters are only grudgingly shifting their support to National.

Although National’s founding principles commit to fighting socialism and communism, they haven’t engaged in this fight to anything like the degree they should have. When in power, they have not only preserved Labour’s far left policies, but have often implemented similar or even worse policies themselves.

Why has the party turned its back on its founding principles? The answer is “the long march through the institutions”. A global far left push to capture positions of influence in our society, that began with the universities and eventually seeped into the mainstream media.

Writer Michael Shellenberger tells Tucker Carlson how as a young Marxist, he was trained to infiltrate our institutions

The capture of the media, mainly achieved through appointing Marxist academics as journalism tutors, converted our news services from reasonably objective reporters of daily events to partisan advocates for “change”. A euphemism for Marxist activism.

Marxist activists in the NZ media have succeeded wildly in their objective of shifting the center to the left. The National party especially is today barely distinguishable from Labour.

Political activists in media and academia have shaped National over a fifty year period by subliminally promoting the party’s left wing factions while attacking those perceived as on the right. The most recent example of this strategy was the sacking of Simon Bridges and the appointment of Todd Muller as his replacement.

The Christian raised Bridges was no right wing radical and in spite of a brief flirtation with the WEF, was considered by the left to be threat enough. He had to go. Leakers and betrayers inside National willingly worked with the corrupt mainstream media to bring about his demise.

The National party today is firmly in the grip of the progressive left

The unknown and untested Muller was selected as his replacement. In an astonishingly short time, Muller retired from the race on “mental health” grounds. Judith Collins stepped into the vacuum, to fight a battle she knew she could never win.

The party’s support had already been severely weakened by its obvious disunity. National was never going to defeat the global star and Covid 19 heroine Jacinda Ardern.

However just to make sure, the media conducted an outrageously partisan campaign against Collins. This was after Broadcasting Minister Kris Faafoi, only a few weeks before the election,  visited every news outlet in the country and promised them more money on top of the bribes they had already received during the previous year.

The 2020 election was gifted to Ardern by means of the politically corrupted media combining with the treacherous left wing faction inside National.

Whispers had been appearing in the media for a year, so it was no surprise that in the shakedown after the election, Collins was replaced by the far left neophyte Christoper Luxon, who had often publicly stated that his favourite politician was the openly Marxist Barack Obama.

Today, Sid Holland’s National Party has been fully infiltrated, and it is now totally controlled by the far left. The party serves only one real purpose and that is to fool New Zealanders into thinking each election is an exercise in democracy.

If Luxon was the man we need, he would be speaking the truth that it is the country’s 50 year socialist trajectory, driven by Labour but enabled by National, that has caused the problems.

Even if Luxon did face the real problem, and start making real changes, these problems would still take an equally long time to put right. The reality is Luxon and National are not going to fix anything. If you believe they will they’ve succeeded in fooling you.

National today should not be supported by anyone who is sincere about changing the political direction of New Zealand. They’re a left wing controlled fake opposition, and the real fix lies in their destruction.

A comment from the BFD shows that discontent with Luxon and National and their slide to the left is widespread

Vote ACT. Goofy Seymour, worried by the potential resurgence of NZ First, is at last showing signs of recognising the need for his “liberal” party to take a more conservative line. Ironic that his party once (1996-2004) caused the only momentary deviation in NZ’s steady decline. Perhaps it can do the same again, but this time, not destroy itself in the course of doing so.

As for the fake Nationals though, they can indeed go on and destroy themselves, with this writer’s blessing. For New Zealand’s sake, the sooner the better.


  • What is it? Why Is It?

    That no real opposition worthy of the name can or will appear as “the cavalry coming over the hill” to save NZ from the socio-commie crowd hell bent on destroying it?

    Would not a brave declaration-of-principles Party succeed where all else – all other rabble – has either failed or aided and abetted the destruction of democracy in NZ?


    • I’ll give you my views on those questions.

      1. Communism is nowadays deeply embedded in NZ politics/ culture and the National party are almost as responsible for this outcome as Labour.

      2. We’re the victims of a scam. The National party has been a front for global leftism for decades.

      3. Something I should have mentioned in the article but didn’t as it would have made it too long is China and their strategy of “elitist capture”. Briefly, its a tactic designed to gradually neutralise global opposition to communism by influencing senior politicians/ bureaucrats/ businessmen etc in a “friendly” way.

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      • Being a long-time lay student of real, classical economics, I’ve watched it, too. From your linked source . . .

        . . . the United States is our rival, even our enemy, instead of going head to head with it, why don’t we just kind of pay off certain elements of the leadership. If we can capture them with sweetheart deals, with other benefits, we can effectively lobotomize the United States by making them unresponsive to our threat.

        For decades, China has waged war with – not just the USA – but with the rest of the western world. It’s an economic war. Using their cheap labour costs, they have dis-employed vast swathes of the workforce of the western countries they detest and want to conquer.

        Trump wanted Americans to buy products from well-paid Americans. No wonder so many forces were arrayed against him.

        Crapple, Niked It, Gatesby et al have their stuff made in China, so they need to cuddle up to its dictator leader. As one USA economist observer once said:

        If you want to live in a $100 a day living wage economy, you have to buy (and pay the price of) the products of that economy.

        That practice – make at Chinese prices and sell at USA prices – has ruined the economy of most of China’s adversaries. While it’s not yet possible to foreclose on a nation, the current accounts of many countries show what’s really happening.

        There’s been a massive shift of wealth from the so-called wealthy countries* to a so-called impoverished country.

        NZ is just the same – if not worse. Sold out to arch-dictator chairman Mao’s mates.

        $141.335 billion (2019 est.)
        $25.499 billion (2018 est.)

        -$480.225 billion (2019 est.)
        -$449.694 billion (2018 est.)

        United Kingdom
        -$121.921 billion (2019 est.)
        -$104.927 billion (2018 est.)

        New Zealand
        -$6.962 billion (2019 est.)
        -$8.742 billion (2018 est.)


        * Old nation joke.
        We must be wealthy – we owe everybody money.


  • Sadly I fear you are right. The left have infiltrated out universities, government departments, schools and parliament its self, not to mention Maoridom and the wealthy tribal elite sucking at the trough endlessly.


  • Totally agree with your commentary Redbaiter. The Overton Window of our political parties and the enabling media has drifted very far left. That they criticise aspects of ACT’s policies as “far right” or indeed, anyone who sticks their head above the parapet and espouses conservative values demonstrates that. Florida is a very good example of the sort of awakening this country needs. We need a Ron de Santis; not a Jacinda-lite leader.