Ardern’s Thought Police

” Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant. Then it tries to silence good.” – Charles J. Chaput

Jacinda Ardern portrays herself as a defender of democracy. This is a sham. Everything she learnt at the International Union of Socialist Youth was aimed at slowly extinguishing all other political viewpoints other than her own.

The ISUY Manifesto Ardern helped author. A blueprint for converting pluralist democracies into socialist/communist one party states.

How does one know this? By reading the IUSY manifesto she and other ideologues (like UN chief António Guterres) wrote while they were part of the organisation. Its an instruction manual on how to gradually close out all competing ideas and convert a pluralist democracy into a one party state.

As her mentor Helen Clark advised, a good totalitarian socialist “never let’s a chance go by”, and the Christchurch massacre has been the best chance ever presented for Ardern to implement the ideas extolled in her manifesto. It has allowed her to launch a wide offensive against anyone opposing her ingrained cultist ideology.

That she would use the horror of such an event, and especially under the guise of “compassion” and “kindness” underscores the truth in the Charles J Chaput quote above.

Since becoming PM, Ardern has launched a number of initiatives ostensibly aimed at limiting the chance for terrorists to publish material on social media. As well as widening the scope of existing security agencies, (SIS) she has established a number of new agencies. Its hard to establish just how many exist today but its at least a dozen.

Under Ardern’s urging, these agencies have indulged in extensive “mission creep” and now exist to censor anyone with a viewpoint that challenges the Prime Ministers ideology of “enlightened” progessivism. Really just post modernist Marxism in new wrapping paper.

Diagram shows alternative media sources being spied upon. Imagine, your tax dollars paid for some braindead prog invertebrate to produce this nonsense

Even the Dept of the Censor, initially established to protect younger people from exposure to sexual material in entertainment media, is now used as a tool to limit political discussion. Political dissidents (whose material has no sexual content) are being arrested and charged by the Police at the behest of the Censor.

New Zealand’s Bill of Rights was aimed at preserving the rights of NZ citizens to challenge tyrannical govt. It says everyone has the right-

  • to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, and belief, including the right to adopt and hold opinions without interference (Section 13)
  • to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form (Section 14)
  • to manifest that person’s religion or belief in worship, observance, practice, or teaching, either individually or in community with others, and either in public or in private (Section 15)

Jacinda Ardern has deliberately breached those rights. The agencies referred to above have (at the Prime Minister’s insistence) been leaning on social media companies to make them limit or ban political dissidents.

Supporters of these moves (like the misguided David Seymour) claim the matter of bans on social media are not breaches of the BOR because Twitter and Facebook are private companies and therefore free of its directives. This would be fine other than the fact that the private companies are acting upon the instructions of the Ardern govt.

The stark truth is that the hard left PM of an established liberal western democracy is acting in concert with like minded managers in private social media companies to silence and punish people who have different political views to them. Even more outrageous is the fact that this evil is enabled by the connivance of the “opposition” parties and the mainstream “media”.

Before she was once again banned from Facebook, citizen journalist Chantelle Baker released detail of a Freedom of Information request relating to govt involvement in social media bans. That Ms Baker has initiated such an FOI shows why we need her and other outlets like hers. She is doing the job that today’s fake media refuses to do.

The documents that were released to her can be downloaded (PDF) at the link below. They are a shocking expose of arrogant, politically ignorant and partisan govt employees acting in concert with politically corrupted social media to “cancel” political outliers and dissenters.

The documents identify the Ardern govt’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)  and the Disinformation and Response Team (DART) and a team of spies from various other agencies as playing a central role in monitoring “unapproved” groups and via social media censoring alternative political views.

Their reports are deeply embedded with pro-govt political bias and prejudice. So deep is this bias that even use of the word “tyranny” is viewed as an identifier of extremism. Although the documents below mainly target Voices For Freedom, the groups are also spying on such long established and respected outlets as the New Zealand Center For Political Research.

Outrageous really. If NZ was indeed the liberal democracy it purports to be, these spy groups would be disbanded on the grounds that their existence is a clear breach of the BOR. Even better, the bigots writing these pseudo scientific reports and their associated operatives would be arrested and charged with offences that at the very least are breaches of the more legally actionable Privacy Act.

Nothing happens though, and NZ will struggle on under the blanket of soft Cold War style Stasi govt at least until we grow firstly a real media, and secondly, a real opposition party.

Download/ read Freedom of Information Response


  • Excellent commentary Redbaiter. What the Ardern government and her blue/yellow enablers in the house don’t realise is that more New Zealanders are aware of this than they realise and strongly disapprove. VFF has a very large audience now so if they act to take down that particular group the response from their supporters will be significant. I note that bastion of free speech except when its against his views; Sean Plunkett, has accepted a covid vaccine debate with Steve Kirsch. I believe this will pulled or blocked by the agencies you mention as the truth bombs Kirsch will deliver will unravel the narrative of Ardern and her cabal.


    • Yes, would be surprised if the debate happens. See anyway the loud mouthed buffoon is already pulling back from his previous agreement. Plus he was also not actually debating himself but arranging for a proxy to take his side. What a fool!


      • Agreed – I believe both are allowed a scientist of their choosing. I hope Kirsch goes with Robert Malone. Hard to argue against the inventor….

        Keep up the excellent commentary.


  • I had to stop reading for a while, to wipe away my tears. From the OIA material.

    The MOH [providing]

    . . . training on things like . . . critical thinking etc. 

    . . . will really make a difference in the long run by teaching critical thinking . . .

    Who did DART think they were kidding? Critical thinking would be a total anathema to comrade commissar Cindy’s objectives and propaganda.

    The most telling was the absence of any examples of dis-, mis-, and mal-information. They could not risk doing that, as it would allow proper appraisal and critically thought out rebuttals to the multitudinous false claims of Red Queen Cindy and her sycophantic commie minions in parliament and government services.

    Bah! Humbug! Comes to mind.


    • Yes, exactly the impression I received. So pathetic and patronising. The people writing these reports are abject ignorami with such blinkered views they should not be allowed anywhere near anything political.

      Did you know that the Stasi in East Germany thought of themselves as enlightened, educated, and all round superior to other German citizens? They were rightly disabused of these ideas when the Berlin wall came down.

      There is a sort of museum in Berlin (IIRC) where all the records, correspondence, names etc of the Stasi are available for public viewing. Good thing I reckon. Hope one day we will see a similar thing in NZ.


  • You wanna be careful Red …. disseminating truth like this will definitely put you in the Red Queen’s crosshairs …. you might end up having an “accident” or joining the “died suddenly” club