Three Waters- Why no calls for a fresh election?

Of course Ardern is most to blame. Followed by the vile propagandists who pose as our mainstream media. That said, the resistance to Labour’s Three (5) Waters bill from National and Act has been as weak as the liquid the legislation targets.

The reality the legacy media will not reveal is that Jacinda Ardern and the non-Maori faction of the Labour party have been held to ransom by a gang of separatist radicals. Mahuta and Jackson, the two leaders of the (so called) Maori faction, have made it clear to the PM and the remainder of the party that if the legislation they drafted is not supported they will walk.

Farmers protest in Holland

An action that would not only bring down the government, but also have have a secondary result that is very concerning to Jacinda Ardern personally. A worldwide strike against her carefully crafted global image and something that would leave her open to allegations of racism. Allegations that (true or not) would destroy the unfounded esteem she enjoys at the UN and the WEF and among her liberal globalist peers such as Trudeau and Macron.

So if Ardern was to do the right thing for NZ citizens, and stand against Mahuta and Jackson, it would be at considerable personal cost. She is just too ambitious and too self centered to pay that cost.

The rest of Labour too are useless unprincipled layabouts who as MPS are enjoying an income far beyond what they would ever earn anywhere in the real world. Naturally they’ve quickly surrendered to their radical comrades.

As bad as the legislation already is, and in spite of a record 88,000 opposing submissions from the public, it is being rushed through in a process that is a shocking and disgraceful abuse of democracy. Especially when in a contemptible act of cowardice and deceit, the intent was completely concealed from voters prior to the last election.

Canadians protest the Trudeau govt

As a final insult, they top the whole indecent process off by inserting a clause that attempts to entrench the legislation by means of it requiring a 60% majority to recall it. A measure that is traditionally only used for constitutional provisions that have bipartisan support.

The people who really should be screaming most loudly about this appallingly unethical process are the opposition parties, and most importantly their leaders. Sure, its not easy for Luxon and Seymour to get their voices heard while the media is so corrupt, but they have to try harder. (Especially they must face down the expected accusations of “racism”. This is just woke nonsense.)

ACT and the Nats should be calling for a dissolution of the govt and new elections where the citizens will, unlike 2020, have a chance to vote on what is one of the most important articles of legislation since the establishment of our democracy.

If the media had any ethics they would also be calling for such a dissolution. NZers might then have the impetus they need to pour into the streets as they should already be doing. As citizens are protesting similarly unethical govts in Holland, Canada and Brazil. (events the corrupt fakes at TV One once again fail to report on.)

Mahuta and Jackson’s bluff would be called. With widespread protest they would have to retreat from such an unethical process. They won’t walk because they know they would lose any resulting election.

Brazilians protest an election they perceive as corrupt

Such protests should also stiffen Ardern’s spine enough to stand up to them. The legislation would then be shelved and left for completion subsequent to the next election (late 2023) or best of all withdrawn completely.

Whereas Luxon’s response has been tepid, his Deputy Willis has been worse. When approached at a local meeting she responded that no one under 45 cared about the issue.

Simon Power was one of the most left wing and ineffectual National MPs ever. He is now the CEO of TVNZ / TV One

This is typical of National’s failure to fight their corner. Their current leadership clique is poll driven. They do not understand that it is their job to loudly and strongly advocate for what is right and to do that despite the constant pro-govt attitude of the corrupt bought media.

They need to take lessons from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who does not do polling. If the opposition parties do not speak out, stand for what is right, the public is left with the corrupt mainstream media as their only source of opinion, and we can see where that leads.

NZ citizens should be in the streets in hundreds of thousands over this legislation and the way it is being passed. Most don’t know it is even happening. This ignorance is mainly the result of media corruption, but the weakness of Luxon and Seymour has also played a major role. They should be demanding the dissolution of parliament and a fresh election.


  • NZ has no opposition worthy of the name.

    Just leftie Labour, loony Labour and Labour lite.

    Could it be that what passes for the NZ opposition are totally unaware of the example shown by DeSantis, Meloni et al?


    • Could be possible. Luxon claimed to have virtually no knowledge of the WEF, in spite of the fact that he has constantly advocated on the issue of ESG (Environment Social Government) that is an offshoot of the WEF, He also sent Air NZ executives to Bill Gates run courses on the issue when he was CEO of the company. Just totally untrustworthy as well as spineless.

      IMHO National will not amount to anything until the wet lefty (“progressive”) faction of Luxon, Willis, Bishop, Muller and Stanford have all been booted.


      • Red: The sooner National wake up to the fact they have been taken over by these so-called progressives and dispense with them the better.
        We are being taken to the cleaners in all facets of life and commerce by this UN/WEF clone Ardern and her communist cohorts.
        She has to be the most detestable and inept PM we have ever had, even worse than Bolger, Rowling, Kirk, and Clark.

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      • I recall the lux flake was a big driver of the increased maorification of AirNZ, too. The current cultural cringe safety videos are an example of the horrible trend continuing. Will the safety information cards and cabin announcements be next, I wonder?


  • Will he come out and guarantee to demaorification of government departments. They are now employing on ethnicity, NOT ability, and it shows when trying to deal with them . . . just an insult to one’s intelligence attempting.


    • Yep, all of our govt depts and institutions are in decay and disarray because the people running them are rank incompetents who have been selected on race or gender rather than ability.

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  • Hello dear Redbaiter, great blog, and you have answered for me some question I have had.

    Please keep up the opposition to this sick narcissistic WHORE Cindy and her tribal mongrel mob.

    Kind regards

    Raleigh Wells

    Dunedin 9010

    NEW ZEALAND ((((NOT bloody Aotearoa)))) [my new trade mark]

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    • Thanks for the kind words Raleigh. Things just get steadily worse. Ardern claimed she had no knowledge of the entrenchment clause but it now appears she was chairing the caucus meeting where they discussed it. This therefore has to be the most transparent lie yet from this horrible fraud.

      Yet still very little comes from the so called “opposition”. What the hell is wrong with these people? I say above that the failure to disclose their intention should be cause to call for a fresh election. This latest lie though, so unashamedly blatant, should be enough for them to call upon her to resign. Why are they so timid? Where is their fight????

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