The Ukraine Sideshow

On the issue of the Ukraine war, the already astonishing hypocrisy of the craven NZ media has reached a new low. Can people who have supposedly been educated at our best universities actually be so lacking in self awareness that they can’t see the depths to which they have sunk?

Do they think that after they have for two years portrayed themselves as cheerleaders for the totalitarian state, and enthusiastically disseminated Soviet style propaganda against anti-mandate protesters, that we should believe they suddenly care about democracy? In the Ukraine?

Even worse, do they still think that we are so dopey as to believe what they tell us about the Ukraine war? In fact the war has never been about democracy and the media’s presentation of it as such is only to serve their own insipid objectives. They’re acting as if they care to try and recover some of the ground they lost while they were urging the police to launch their violent assault on the parliament protesters.

Here’s something you can take to the bank media. You will never recover that ground. We saw exactly how loathsome you are, we saw the true tyrant Jacinda Ardern, we saw the jackbooted Trevor Mallard, we saw the mincing David Seymour, we saw the collaborator Christopher Luxon and we will never forget what we saw!

Even when many NZers already regard media and politicians so poorly, it was still a surprise to see their utterly degrading behaviour over the period of the phony pandemic and especially during the parliament demonstration. It was made plain that our media/political class don’t give a tinker’s damn for our democracy and they care even less for the freedoms it is meant to guarantee.

Our political class almost unanimously rode roughshod over the Bill of Rights and the media, whose job it is above everything else to guard that BOR, cheered them on every inch of the way. We can never forget that collaborative display of Soviet-style contempt for traditional western liberties.

So their professed concern with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is a farce. It is our democracy right here in New Zealand that is under threat, and it has been put under threat by the very media/political combine that is now telling us we should care about Ukraine.

They’re saying “Hey, look over there, the bad guy Putin is invading Ukraine, and you must care about this, and take a stand for the Ukraine. If you don’t follow our urgings, you’re obviously a Trump/ Putin loving outlier who does not care about freedom and democracy.” What vile sickening hypocritical trash!

In the European Parliament MP Christine Anderson (Germany AFD party) is very critical of Justin Trudeau’s disregard for democracy. Everything she says about Trudeau pretty much applies to Jacinda Ardern

However its not the only duplicity the media are guilty of. They’re also hiding the reality that the war in the Ukraine was never so simple a matter as repulsing Putin to restore democracy. Ukraine was never democratic, and its leader Volodymyr Zelensky is just another tyrant, not that distinguishable from Putin.

Zelensky is portrayed by media as a liberal who has tried to clean up corruption and establish a more democratic state. This is all hogwash. Among a legion of like anti-democratic actions, he has cosied up to real Nazis, shut down Ukrainian broadcasting outlets and locked up opposition leaders. He is as corrupt and authoritarian as Putin. (leaving aside the allegations of money laundering and other rank corruption involving the Biden family)

It is a reckless idiocy for NZ or the USA to regard the Ukraine as a strategic or political ally. It is neither. Right now though, that is not the issue. The real concern is that Joe Biden and Jacinda Ardern (and also Justin Trudeau) are all using the war to distract attention from the anti-democratic machinations and failed economic/social policies of their own govts.

As usual, the utterly despicable partisan fakes who have infiltrated and taken over our mainstream media are backing them to the hilt in this deceit.

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy as all wars are. However we should not lose sight of the parlous state of our own democracy right now, and we must continue the important struggle to escape this most horrible mess.

Most of all we should not let the politicians who failed us or their scum media collaborators off the hook. Don’t let their feeble and transparent Ukrainian ploy distract you. Maintain the rage.


  • Thanks Red for an excellent article again.

    “Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations that’ve long since bought and paid for, the senate, the congress, the state houses, the city halls, they got the judges in their back pocket, and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all of the news and the information you get to hear. They got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them.” George Carlin

    A long way to go getting rid of the commie mule.

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  • absolutely correct 100% …..and the video, why don’t we have people like her here??


    • Ask myself the same question. Its because all of the main parties are fully invested in the corrupt socialist status quo. Their gatekeepers wouldn’t let anyone who thought or spoke like Christine Anderson through their selection process.


  • Spot on! Zelenski is an actor with a role to play. I’ve given up trying to make sense of it all. “The lunatics are running the asylum”. Thats precisely my take on the world today.


  • Yet another well written and factual article article by our host. We must concentrate on the dangerous communist tyrant we have as our elected PM, along with her taxpayer-funded (bribed) media. They have this country in the worst fiscal position in history, yet they are even bringng in criminal muslims from Manus Island, and not a word against this in her compliant media. We are in the shit big time.


    • ..and when we do allow them refuge ion our country, they sneer at our founders and they attack our traditional liberties as Mr Behrani and Ms Ghahraman have so constantly done. Trying to turn a country that was stable and civilised enough to offer them refuge into the disunited authoritarian shitholes they sought refuge from. I see a party that holds remigration as its first principle is rising in France. You can understand why. If it ever happens here those two should be on the first boatload that leaves NZ.


  • There are some intriguing attitudes to this war. If Russia muddled in Mexico to the same degree the US have meddled in the Ukraine were would be faced with a completely different narrative.
    If US president’s from the 40s and 50s knew their country had changed legislation to allow them to fund nazi groups in Ukraine, they would turn in their Graves.


  • “….However we should not lose sight of the parlous state of our own democracy right now, and we must continue the important struggle to escape this most horrible mess…..”

    “….I’m off to build a million man army…” – Redbaiter circa Kiwiblog 10yrs ago.

    I’m making my last stand here as Harry Magnus. The other one will probably end up saving Canada.

    Red we should just declare victory over NZ as Federal Constitutionalists – as where Federal Constitutionalists stand, so too do armies, like the Loyal and Honorable Roman Legions. And more recently the Pinochet Chilean army. The rest are out fighting for us.

    Declare God as Supreme Commander of Civility in the Spiritual Lands of New Zealand; the government, mothers and constables can’t always take care of good manners and doors. Nor should anyone else other than the individual need to.

    “….No, National and Labour will not create a superparty, as in AUSTRIA in the past when that happened, the disaffected fall away…” – NZ PM Jenny Shipley circa 1998.

    They’re running away. They hate them. But they have no where to run [fucken dimwits, NZ police keep telling them that]. Van Diemen’s Land is what my abo mate said the Maoris should call it.

    The NZ civilians have to support their local police, and shrug their shoulders at the rest of it; noise and puddles of words is not a narrative, a budget, responsibility or covers for literacy in todays world; Huckleberry Finn should be required schoolroom reading. And the public library in some places.

    At kiwiblog they are admitting that they have almost lost all sanity. — their kids go to school with a lunchbox and underpants and return home after state education and sustenance checks, with their underboxes and wearing lunchpants. No they don’t, they just now think that they do. You almost did to, but you are an adult. The government is not standing up for kids, the government is standing around while others conflate and confuse children. Useful idiocy is not a standard, educational outcome or benefit. It’s a disgraceful and national liability.

    Anyway on a positive note Redbaiter – all NZ’s media segregated and unspoken-for masses are relatively poor – Christians, Hindus, Evangelicals, Poles, Russians, Maoris – against the one’s in aussie that is – with no whanau support I might add —- what a fucken success story that is mate, should be essential kiwi BBQ talk – unless you are the new kiwi kebab that is — I’d recommend you going fishing instead.

    Cheers for now mate,

    Norman Gunstan


  • And look at all the so called right-wing blog hosts (aka the cut & paste operators) who have fallen for it, that’s what amazes me. That same media that delivered two years worth of Covid claptrap and now all is supposed to believed and forgiven as they cheer on neo-nazis and push for actions that would start WWIII. Hey those battalions are ‘only’ 20% nazis they tell us.