Today FM- they hate you, so why listen?

If there’s one thing New Zealand does not need right now, its one more “progressive” radio station.

It’s a stark pointer to the utter ideological corruption of our media sector that when the country is desperately in need of relief from the torrent of govt subsidised “progressive” propaganda, a new media venture just cannot bring itself to deliver what is needed.

The slogan of Mediawork’s new station, Today FM, is “a more balanced mike”. Someone there obviously thought this weak pun on NewstalksZB’s Mike Hosking was a brilliant encapsulation of where the station sits on the political spectrum.

Leaving aside the political ignorance this silly catchphrase truly reveals, (neither Mike Hosking or NewstalkZB overall could be considered right wing) it’s amazing that management thinks this mantra of “balance” can be met by employing Tova O’Brien, whose well known political bias to the left must at least equal the perceived “right” bias of Hosking.

Surely the NZ market does not need another bunch of informationally challenged left wing propagandists pretending to be “balanced”. Mediaworks apparently thinks they do, for CEO Cam Wallace hired left media swamp creature Dallas Gurney to set the station up.

The above video is Tova O’Brien’s hand waving finger pointing lecture this morning wherein she virtually calls anyone who doesn’t agree with the concept of Maori co-governance a “racist”. The issue is not racism Ms O’Brien, its left media shutting down ideas that challenge progressive orthodoxy by means of smears and name calling rather than entering into constructive debate.

Just to show how balanced the station was going to be, Mr Gurney proudly announced that one of his first hires was Carol Hirschfeld. A coup he called it.

Ms Hirschfeld, formerly Māori TV general manager, is an extreme left media creature of the worst kind. She often worked with John Campbell in the past, another far left activist who has put years of work into destroying the credibility of TV One and other mainstream outlets.

Carol is notorious for her clandestine meetings with Labour’s Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran in 2018 that eventually forced Ms Hirschfeld’s resignation from Radio NZ.

It is significant the Curran was known for her understanding of the use of propaganda, a skill she displayed in a paper she wrote for a Labour conference in 2006 entitled “Language Matters: Setting agendas – taking charge of the debate”. (download a PDF copy of this informative paper at the link below)

Dallas Gurney, (L) who set up Today FM and Mediaworks CEO Cam Wallace (R) who hired Gurney

Curran was eventually forced to resign as Minister for continually lying on this and related matters, and soon after thankfully left parliament for ever. Hirschfeld was unemployed for a while but was eventually hired by Stuff in 2018, and then moved from there to Today FM to produce Tova O’Brien’s morning show.

Hirschfeld, of German ancestry, likes to push Maori sovereignty arguments whenever she can. Which is probably part of the reason for Tova’s failed attempt to discredit David Seymour this morning on the issue of Maori “co-governance”. Tova virtually called Mr Seymour a racist.

This means that by association every other NZer that believes there is no partnership agreed to in the Treaty of Waitangi is also, in Tova’s view, a racist. Why the hell then would you listen to anyone who wants to so arrogantly insult you in this manner?

Dallas Gurney has designed Today FM to target 40- to 54-year-olds, an audience he thinks is under-served by talk radio. He says he wants to “get away away from the traditional older audience, which is going to die, literally”.

Its a mark of NZ media’s willingness to put ideology before profit that Today FM wants to alienate everyone who doesn’t agree with their views by calling them “racists”, and also chooses to ignore a major talkback market in NZers who are over the age of 54 and generally less “progressive”.

The logical conclusion from this is that if you’re a typical conservative whose natural stance is to avoid progressive ideology and/ or you’re over 54, you’re not welcome at Today FM.

So give them what they want and don’t listen.

Why provide a stream of income for a collection of drooling left wing goons pretending to be moderates and who reveal by the very words they broadcast over the air that they hate you?

Clare Curran’s paper “Language Matters” (PDF)


  • I abominate labels. At best, they’re euphemisms. At worst: lies.

    I wonder if anyone really knows what the terms “progressive,” “left,” “right,” “conservative,” and “liberal” really mean, these days?

    I have a few ‘geriatric’ but nonetheless educated acquaintances. Unlike me, they’re not Internet connected. Their fake news diet is the 6pm lies and deceit gushing forth from comrade commissar Cindy’s state-captured-and-sinecured media. I.e. They’re still suckered by the bullshit spewed forth by the debased NZ media prostitutes.

    What’s even more galling is when I snail-mail them items of truth and we later talk by phone, they suggest that I’m purveying ‘fake news.’ What’s your source, I’m asked. “The NZ government’s web site publications.” Long silence.

    But they vote, dammit!

    We are indeed well down the slippery slope . . .

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    • Yes. Your acquaintances are the unknowing victims of the insidious evil of heritage broadcaster TV One, the most watched TV station in NZ by far, and one of the worst in terms of publishing only news that suits their progressive agenda. The damage they do to the country’s psyche is immeasurable.


      • I know I’m slow, but how does the BS that the ‘legacy’ TV1 media spouts qualify as “progressive?”

        In using that euphemism, are we not witless victims – guilty – of succumbing to Curran’s “Language Matters: Setting agendas – taking charge of the debate” syndrome?

        Regressive would be more accurate.


    • That is the big problem. The saying goes that “It is easier to fool people than it is to convince people that they have been fooled.” How do we get people to understand all that is going on and how it is being hidden in plain view? I wish I knew the answer to that question!


    • I bet Dallas uses pronouns in his email.
      He appears to be going for a market that doeen’t exist.
      Go woke, go broke!


  • Today FM = Today’s Fake Media, perhaps?

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  • Well that mutt can’t read the room This 3 waters and related issues is on every thinking persons mind

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  • Interestingly she read out that whole rant ( obviously written by one of the Maori radicals) , if she is trying to emulate Hosking she s got a long way to go, he would have “ offed the cuffed it”

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  • Omg that woman seriously needs to draw breath…..she is so wound up that it just sounds like a typical rant from a leftist troll…..
    A good journo could rip that apart in so many ways…..she needs a chill pill and a lesson in what racism is…..


  • Needless to say 94fm is no longer listened to by me, i tried for a couple of days after the new show even with tuning out during tova or that lloyd burr twat i just couldnt listen to the tripe they spurt its a terrible format with even worse hosts.
    I didnt mind leah panapa on magic, shes the only presenter on today fm i would listen too but her co host is a giant douche and i give up and go back to listening to music.

    I cross my fingers for “go woke go broke” but with cindys bestie on air theyre likely getting truckloads of cindybux to keep going.

    94fm… the new red radio


    • Bet your bottom dollar Media Works are getting more taxpayers’ money to compensate for the lack of advertisers . . . the driving force of all media. Without it, they are down the gurgler, and this venture with O’Brien was doomed before it started. I once listened to Magic Music, this now given the arse card.


  • If one reads Nancy Wakes story. She noticed Hitlers thugs at work in Austria in the 30″s and one of the few to predict war with the mad mad. Now many think she was a trained journalist before she became a freedom fighter. Not true. She lied her way into a job by claiming she could read Egyptian hyrogliphs knowing who is going to test her knowledge on the subject. My point is she was an independent person that had the ability to actually think for herself. She didn’t give a shit if her opinions were unwelcome or hurt your ears. These are the qualities almost all NZ journalists are missing, along with honesty, integrity and a dedication to telling the truth.