TV One silent on Canadian trucker protest- stark example of pro-government bias

The New Zealand media is a confederation of left wing liars. TV One’s failure to report on anti-mandate protests by Canadian truckers is the most stark example of this dishonesty. It illustrates media’s willingness to manipulate to the advantage of the Ardern govt those NZ citizens who still inexplicably trust them.

Way back in September 2020 Labour supporting Otago University law professor Andrew Geddis made the following statement to Facebook’s fact checking organisation AFP-

“The Minister of Health can only make orders under the legislation if satisfied that the order does not limit or is a justified limit on the rights and freedoms in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990​, which then states in S11 that ‘everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.”

He said this to discredit claims that Jacinda Ardern was about to make vaccination mandatory, and his statement was used by NZ media and Facebook to justify their partisan attacks on individuals, organisations and political parties making these claims. The truth is Jacinda Ardern has never given a damn for the Bill of Rights, and media, when they should have been confronting her on this, have been overwhelmingly on Ardern’s side.

It is just one example of the thousands of manipulative misrepresentations that characterise the NZ media’s rejection of truth in favour of propaganda. Something they do in their abject supplication to the principle of the “noble lie”. That’s where they justify their lying by claiming it it for “the public good”.

The problem is that what leftists gauge as being in “the public good” is frequently far from “good”, and this is the case with their constant lying on the issue of the Covid 19 virus.

Media does its best to avoid outright lies of course, and to be exactingly accurate, one has to argue over the meaning of words like “forced”. Is one forced to do something when there is always the option of quitting your job, losing your income, then failing to meet mortgage payments, and ending up with husband wife and kids all on the streets?

This is the option faced by many NZ citizens, and also by American and Canadian truckers who were delivered a similar ultimatum by Fidel Castro look alike Justin Trudeau, far left PM of Canada. The truckers were told by Trudeau that they could not cross the American/Canadian border unless they provided a vaccination “passport”.

This requirement effectively put many out of their job carting freight from Canada to the US and vice versa. So they decided to stage a protest by organising a convoy to the Canadian capital in Ottawa, and this protest turned into the mother of all protests.

Not only has the convoy grown to over 50 miles in length, it has encouraged Canadian citizens to turn out in droves in support as the convoy passes through their towns and cities. Thousands of citizens are lining roads and overpasses, waving Canadian flags and protest signs in the falling snow in an amazingly inspirational sight.

That heady and inspirational feeling the protests generate is exactly why Jacinda Ardern’s cowardly little apparatchiks at TV One have refused to report on the event. They’re desperately afraid that news of such a momentous protest will awaken more NZ citizens to the fraud of Ardern’s govt and generate more backing for local protest groups. So they resort to the “noble lie”, (in this case a lie by omission).

TV One may not be the worst of NZ’s corrupted media, but it is by far the most influential. Given its status as a “heritage broadcaster”, millions of people view it out of habit. Especially elderly NZers. Disconnected from the digitial media revolution, they have no idea they are being constantly lied to. They stoically watch and trust TV One “news” each night with no suspicion they are being manipulated and led astray by a group of skulking master govt propagandists.

This is not the only anti-mandate protest TV One has failed to report on, but it is the most stark example of their mission to deceive. The Canadian trucker’s protest is one of the biggest in human history, not only in size but in meaning and in influence. There is every chance it could lead to the resignation of Trudeau or the fall of his govt.

That such an event cannot make it onto the TV One news proves once and for all what pro-government imposters are running the station and how journalism in this country has been utterly corrupted by the left.

There will be no real democracy while such charlatans control NZ’s paramount news service in this manner, and it suggests that rather than holding protests in streets and parks, people should take their concerns right to the core of the problem, and that is the TV One offices and studios. Their regional addresses and contacts are at this link.

Note: At the time of writing Newshub had run a report from the discredited left wing Reuter’s agency highly critical of the protest and with the lie that the trucks numbered in their “hundreds”. A feeble and transparent attempt to diminish the inspirational nature of the event and the massive support it has received from everyday Canadians.


  • Great article.

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    John J


  • What really irks me is the fact Ardern is using our taxes to control narrative of MSM and indirectly kick anyone of right persuasion in the guts and bank account.Time we adopted a more sinister attitude and supported the likes of Tamaki or anyone else who pubicly challenges this disgusting deceitful apparition masquerading as PM.

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    • Yes, you’re correct in stating Ardern controls the narrative through govt owned TV One (TVNZ). It is this organisation’s abuse of the trust so many elderly NZ voters have in them that is the underlying reason Ardern receives such an unrealistic level of support. This is why TV One news in all its incarnations must be more of a target for protests, even more so than the Labour govt and Ardern herself. They are the quintessential fake newsers, and at the root of the corruption of NZ’s democracy.


      • She controls most MSM with taxpayers’ money, especially Stuff and NZME who, without their backing, would be insolvent.


  • igm- yes, interesting to see if National under Luxon will have the guts to stop this anti-democratic farce.

    See Kiwiblog is running a guest post by Nats shadow broadcasting spokeswoman Melissa Lee. Its hard to establish exactly what her views are, but one can guess that maybe she opposes the funding. Suspect her post is an attempt to shape discussion on the issue at the Nat’s convention this weekend.

    See the usual suspect Nat diehards are hinting that the bribes will be continued under Luxon. I will be surprised if they do anything about it. Luxon is probably all for it.


  • It most certainly demonstrates how successful the brain-washing has been in NZ. No one here has the courage and fortitude to do anything remotely similar. Groundswell was / is a little ripple.

    Given Canucks are largely of (stiff upper lip) British heritage, it emphasises what a pack of lily-livered pushovers we kiwis are.

    The almost worst part is that the Luxon flakes and the rest of the W’gton woodenheads would be very little different.

    Need a cartoon. Queen Canute stemming the viral tide – in vain.

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  • Peters will end up being in driver’s seat again as there is nothing left. What a state this country is in!


  • People are already well aware of the fraudulent NZ media and talk amongst themselves about it. Where the penny starts to drop (as it is in Canada) is when people move from speaking about it only in private to speaking about it strongly in public. That is the emperor has no clothes moment. Ironic that both Ardern and Trudeau have gone into Covid hiding. That’s only going to work for so long.

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  • Here is a great quote from Maureen Steele, who is helping organise a similar protest in the US-

    “We are taking our country back. Make no mistake, we the patriots and freedom lovers are the majority. The 20-25 percent that want socialism or communism that is the MINORITY. It doesn’t matter right now who is left or who is right, none of that matters if we lose our freedom. Freedom is a banner we can all rally under. Liberty crackles through all of our veins. God bless our Canadian brothers and sisters for reminding us we are fighters! Thanks for the nudge. We are awake. AWAKE. I saw a post on a Canadian site that said ‘you woke the sleeping lions.’ Well, America just got a wake-up call from our Canadian neighbors, and guess what? I’m putting the world on notice. They woke the fire-breathing dragon!!” Steele further noted.

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  • hey Red you are on the button again……the evil that is Ardern & Co is starting to show cracks – people are slowly getting the picture as to what she is up to….
    when cracks form they become crevasses and the perpetrators either fall into the abyss or they run like rats leaving a sinking ship…..
    the Canadians have had enough & our Aussie mates are getting fired up……..
    its our turn next……..lets get these fraudsters off their perches and out of the government money trough…..