The mainstream media’s “Hitler – Nazi” diversion

Recent NZ protests have seen fringe elements comparing Jacinda Ardern and her Labour government to Nazis. Even though such comparisons are a very small part of the protests the mainstream media highlight them. Because it gives media what they yearn for, and that is an opportunity to discredit the protests.

Alinsky’s book is an instruction manual on the implementation of socialist tyranny

Media rightly point out that Hitler killed millions of people, and Jacinda Ardern hasn’t killed any, so therefore such comparisons are ludicrous. This is a deceitful diversion. Today socialists implement their tyranny using sophisticated methods that provide far better results then murdering people by the tens of millions.

[Not to say that they will not murder people in the future. Saul Alinsky wrote the instruction manual on how to implement modern day socialist tyranny. Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama identified Alinsky as a major influence. No doubt Jacinda Ardern is familiar with his work. After all, she trained at the International Union of Socialist Youth for more than ten years.

An undercover FBI operative recorded Alinsky disciple Bill Ayers, (a mentor of Barack Obama and friend of Hilary Clinton) as stating that after socialists have full control in the US, they will most likely have to build camps to hold and eventually kill around 25 million people. Those holdouts who would not ever surrender to otherwise universally accepted socialist brainwashing.]

Hitler led the National Socialist Worker’s Party. He didn’t like the German communists mainly because they were globalists rather than nationalists. So he killed them and other groups, even those to his right, because like all tyrants, he wanted to be the only game in town. For Nazi tyranny to work, all other belief groups had to be neutralised. There could only be the Nazi party.

This exclusion of all other ideas is the key issue. No matter the historical tyrant, Hitler, Stalin or Mao, they were all fixated on two things- a big powerful govt and using it to crush dissent. No “wrong think” permitted. Not anywhere. Not ever.

Ardern has declared her govt to be the “one source of truth” and is also introducing legislation to penalize citizens for so called “hate speech”

The obvious implication of the protesters’ signs associating Jacinda with Hitler is not that she is Hitler, but that we should be warned by history. Sure, given Ardern is a socialist the more accurate association should be with mass murderers Stalin or Mao or Castro or Pol Pot, but really it doesn’t matter too much. Tyranny is tyranny, and the warning is still perfectly valid.

Look out for those leaders who would limit diversity of belief, especially political belief. You never know what they can become. Hugo Chavez began as a hero of democracy. Today Venezuela is in economic and political chaos, and left wing death squads are killing dissenters in their homes.

Stalin killed off the Kulaks. Mao killed off what he called the “right thinkers”. Because both of these tyrants wanted no other political or belief system challenging their own. The same crushing of dissent is what is happening in New Zealand today. Its just being carried out by more modern and sophisticated means. Mainly social exclusion.

Amy Ridout has an extremely subjective article on Stuff attacking Sue Grey. Despite prolific use of pejorative terms, it is not tagged as opinion

Its why you’re reading this article on a fringe web site. Its why this writer and a hundred other like New Zealanders were de-platformed from Twitter (at govt request). Its why Michael Basset was fired from the NZ Herald and Dr Don Brash banned from Massey University. Its why John Banks and Peter Williams were fired from Radio Magic. Its why a citizen was door knocked by knuckle dragging SIS agents because she made a harmless joke on Twitter about Helen Clark. Its why the so called “opposition” parties, so desperately fearful of media criticism, make themselves pretty much the same as the Labour party.

Today the NZ Herald runs a piece by David Fisher criticising another journalist for asking “unapproved” questions of the PM. NZ’s other main newspaper runs an article by Amy Ridout attempting to discredit Sue Grey, a lawyer who sees our human rights under attack. Journalism is meant to be about holding the powerful to account and standing up for the weak and powerless. Fisher and Ridout are doing the opposite.

The mainstream media pours scorn on every voice opposing the Ardern govt. They constantly badger the National Party to be more like Labour. They try hard to discredit every anti-govt demonstration. Such actions are very worrying to those of us who know that historically, the first harbinger of tyranny is a partisan media.

Hitler comparisons are not about what the country is today, but an attempt to warn NZ about the road we are going down under the Ardern govt and its cravenly complicit and corrupted media apparatchiks.


  • We can only be subdued for a period of time (diminishing), before all hell breaks loose, then there will be real problems for these unemployable charlatans (government), and their sycophantic media lackeys. Next time it may not be tennis balls!


  • Yes one must tread carefully with the old Hitler analogies.
    But for me a few key things to be wary of would be the incrementalism of the process.
    For example if Hitler said up front hey I’m going to set up crematoria and exterminate 6 million Jews, and cause misery for my people in the ensuing aftermath, I very much doubt he would have come to power.

    Next is the propensity of people to not protest because it is inconvenient, they fear being outspoken or not being part of the group. But that silence is exactly what the powers that be rely on to present an augmented reality that everyone is on board with the process.
    One would like to think they never would have joined the Hitler youth, but statistically most people would have joined via social phenomenon like peer pressure, FOMO etc. You could easily make the case that these phenomenon are potentially turbocharged in the ‘social-media’ environment of today.

    The vaccine mandates is a watered down version of this.
    Aside from the obvious division, why exactly are the vaccinated supposed to be scared of those that for whatever reason choose not to be, let alone try to actively exclude them from society?
    That part is never scientifically explained because the truth is 180deg the opposite.
    Explainer: Sars-Cov-2 now gets a chance to mutate via selection pressure against site-specific Abs, that we already know doesn’t really sterilise a person from being able to be infected with the virus. Thus creating at least the opportunity for vaccine escape variants which have more potential danger than an unvaccinated person.


    • Stuff have run quite a campain against the late Will Huber a former SS soldier who worked hard to develop Skiing in Canterbury post war. Huber was only 17 at the start of the war so not quite the tyrant Stuff like to portray but I don’t condone anything he may have done. Huber said it was the great depression and he joined the SS because he was poor. I can believe that Hitler offered a way out of poverty for some desperate people rather than being in tune with his ideology.


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  • Remember the Christmas soccer match between German and English during WW1. These two peoples had more in common than not. The fraternising sent the brass into a panic.

    To get teachers, farmers, builders to down tools and go kill the Nazis required a massive propaganda effort demonising the Germans. Much of this, “your a Nazi” rhetoric is leftover from a massive ongoing propaganda effort, that sought parents to send their sons to be sacrificed. The real cause of WW2 will never be known. The whole thing is a rorscharch.

    Jacinda’s tyranny has precedence, but is obvious in itself. I still haven’t recovered from plastic bag banning. Let alone locking the healthy in their homes. That’s something else.


  • With the de-facto nationalisation of industries (eg the legacy media), the nationalisation of critical infrastructure (healthcare and water), and the senseless destruction of the oil and gas industry, all cheered on by a large swath of an over-educated, under-informed and historically-illiterate populace (and many, if not most, of the parliamentary “opposition”), there are very, very clear and very, very terrifying parallels with the rise to power of Hugo Chavez.

    This is a dark and dangerous time for our little socialist backwater banana republic.


    • Its too late IMHO. Politics in NZ is corrupted beyond repair. We’re going down the Venezuelan road and there is nothing that will stop it. Least of all the worthless and infiltrated National Party.


  • “Journalism is meant to be about holding the powerful to account and standing up for the weak and powerless. Fisher and Ridout are doing the opposite.”

    Yes, it is. Journalism’s traditional function is/was supposed to ‘comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable’ (or at least in theory). That function may have been quietly revised, however, if not reversed in some cases.

    Imagine having not only consecutive governments deep in bed with big fossil fuel, but also the mainstream print news-media. … Canada’s mainstream print news-media conglomerate Postmedia — which, except for The Toronto Star, owns Canada’s major print publications — is on record allying itself with not only the planet’s second most polluting forms of carbon-based “energy”, but also THE MOST polluting/dirtiest of crudes — bitumen. [“Mair on Media’s ‘Unholiest of Alliances’ With Energy Industry”, Nov.14 2017,]

    During a presentation, it was stated: “Postmedia and CAPP [Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers] will bring energy to the forefront of our national conversation. Together, we will engage executives, the business community and the Canadian public to underscore the ways in which the energy sector powers Canada.”
    Also, a then-publisher of Postmedia’s National Post said: “From its inception, the National Post has been one of the country’s leading voices on the importance of energy to Canada’s business competitiveness internationally and our economic well-being in general. We will work with [Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers] to amplify our energy mandate and to be a part of the solution to keep Canada competitive in the global marketplace. The National Post will undertake to leverage all means editorially, technically and creatively to further this critical conversation.”

    A few years ago, Postmedia also had acquired a lobbying firm with close ties to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney in order to participate in his government’s $30 million PR “war room” in promoting the interests of the fossil fuel industry in Canada. Furthermore, in late May, Postmedia refused to run paid ads by Leadnow, a social and environmental justice organization, that expose the Royal Bank of Canada as the largest financer of fossil fuel extraction in Canada.

    The promotion of massive fossil fuel extraction, even Canada’s own, should not be a partisan position for any newspaper giant to take, especially considering fossil fuel’s immense role in global warming thus climate change. And, at least in this case, whatever happened to the honorable journalistic role of ‘afflicting the comfortable’ (which went along with ‘comforting the afflicted’), especially one of such environmental monstrosity? To me, the above constitutes ethically challenged journalism.