Farmers need to know what Shaw is signing in Glasgow

New Zealanders and farmers especially need to be fully informed on what the watermelon Jimmy Shaw is signing the country up to at the COP26 fiasco in Glasgow.

This morning Radio New Zealand reported that communist China’s best friend Shaw was ready to put his name on an agreement to cut methane emissions by 30% by 2030.

Some methane is produced from other sources, but the bulk is emitted from livestock, and if there is to be a 30% reduction then the only real way to do it is to cull stock numbers. Culling 30% of NZ’s farming stock means 30% fewer cows and sheep, and therefore 30% less production and most likely 30% fewer farmers.

This is not only a traitorous act from Shaw, (who is doing the bidding of Prime Minister Ardern) it is also unfathomably stupid. It won’t reduce the amount of methane produced globally as other countries (including communist China, who are not even at COP26 or bound by its agreements) will provide the product while New Zealand farmers will miss out.

However it gets even worse. While the free west discards coal, China is building hundreds of new coal powered power stations. Electricity in China costs consumers and industry about a quarter or less of what it costs in Western countries (including New Zealand).

So the end result of the COP26 gabfest is a massive hit to NZ’s economy, a corresponding drop in our living standards and further enrichment and empowerment of the belligerent Chinese People’s Liberation Army who are currently threatening to invade democratic Taiwan. They also recently launched a nuclear capable hypersonic space vehicle which can target any country in the world from a space orbit.

So this is what China is doing while politicians like Shaw are seeking ways to cripple the economy in every Western country. 

To crystalize the whole scenario, the leaders at COP26 are wrecking our economies whilst giving the warmongering threatening Chinese Communists licence to streak ahead in economic and therefore military terms, and this is why James Shaw (and every western leader going along with this Climate Change myth) needs to be labeled a traitor.

The local political issue needing clarification here is that Ardern has in the recent past promised not to penalise farmers on methane. If this promise is to be kept, what is Shaw doing signing up to the subject agreement?

Where is the outcry from our opposition parties (ACT and National) at this betrayal? They’re as quiet as mice. Has New Zealand ever been so poorly served by its politicians of all parties as it is today?