Mainstream media conspiracy theorists attack grocery retailers

Its hard to decide which of NZ’s media outlets is the most discredited left wing propaganda spieler. They’re all pretty bad, but without a doubt the most influential of them is TV One, and its broken down Pravda like “News at Six”.

Why is it the most influential? Although broadcast media’s influence is waning, TV One is still a heritage broadcaster and attracts millions of New Zealand viewers by means of habit. Worse, the people who are thus attracted are mainly elderly citizens, who do vote with much more consistency than the young. The TV One newsroom gives Jacinda Ardern’s government a line straight to the hearts and minds of NZ’s largest voting bloc.

Katie Bradford on John Key’s persistent popularity as NZ PM

It is known too that the PM regularly meets with the heads of all NZ’s mainstream media outlets. So its not surprising that the same stories pop up with different sources. Last week TV One and Newsroom both shared a peculiar video news item attacking supermarkets for raising prices during Covid shutdowns. They subtly alleged collusion and/ or “cartel behaviour”.

Imagine if the Labour party’s polling showed they were losing the women’s vote. Whereas we are grateful that not every female is an Ardern worshipping zombie, there is no doubt there are a large number so afflicted. In the most recent polling, National/ACT is 3% ahead of Labour/Greens with men but a massive 30.5% behind with women. If Jacinda loses the vote of mindless gender obsessed females, she’s gone burger.

Now imagine that rising supermarket prices were shown to be degrading that vote. As a propaganda expert (such as those who proliferate in the hugely expanded govt media bureau) charged with the job of keeping emotion driven females besotted with Ardern, what would you do? You would go to your media mates and you would plant stories designed to take the heat off Ardern and blame some other villain. Preferably with a conspiracy theory that’s difficult to prove wrong.

So who pops up with just such a story but TV One fake newser Katie Bradford. Katie is notorious for her exasperated outburst where she said that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t damage National PM John Key’s polling.

Katie wants the gape jawed retards who still watch TV One news to believe its not the actions of Jacinda that have affected supermarket prices, but collusion and fraud among the rip off merchants who run the grocery industry. She supposedly sources her concerns from the “Commerce Commission”, but only blind Freddy still think’s they’re a legitimate operation and not another partisan leftist controlled bureaucracy out to protect their Princess’s arse.

Tv One propaganda video, with edits by The Redbaiter

Now its not the penchant of this blog to defend the spineless reprobates who run the grocery stores in NZ. We hold them in contempt for their surrender to wokeness. However the serious allegations in the attached patronising video (obviously meant for people entering their second childhood) are voiced by Ms Bradford without a skerrick of proof. Not a smidgen. She doesn’t even care you see. The idea is to seed a conspiracy theory to take the heat off Ardern.

Newshub also ran with the story, even though its just a weak conspiracy theory of the kind their partisan fake newsers claim to see everywhere among what they perceive as “the right”.

The fact is rising prices in grocery stores and everywhere are primarily driven by another of the left’s great conspiracies and that’s the one that says we must give them control of every facet of our lives because CO2.

Here’s a message you damn fake media fools. Prices are rising because your beloved leader Jacinda Ardern is hitting energy and transport hard. Massive rises in electricity prices, gas, diesel and petrol, as mandated by the cartel who believe everything connected with CO2 production must be taxed, cannot be absorbed by traders. Millions of tonnes of cheap energy sources like coal stay in the ground because “Climate Commission Report”.

Every product and every component of that product costs so much more to produce. Every product and every component of that product costs much more to transport. These rises have to be added to the prices of their saleable goods.

Ms Bradford and her comrades need to stop conjuring up conspiracy theories for Ardern and tell the damn truth. Even if it does cost the PM the women’s vote. It is measures to reduce CO2 emissions that are driving grocery prices high, and as you can see from the second last scene in the video, its only just starting.



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  • Oh it’s all so stupid from this government. Not to mention the mandated regular minimum wage rises w/o corresponding gain in productivity. Another cost that has to be paid for somehow.
    And as much as it is a duopoly you are unlikely to get a foreign competitor like a Tesco etc. to enter the market because you can’t secure necessary land at a reasonable price and existing players will bludgeon competitor to death with RMA objections.
    So completely unlikely anyone will see any upside to enter our tiny grocery market.


    • Yep, good point about the mandated wage rise. There was also the extra week sick leave. These rises compound through every aspect of manufacturing supply transport and retail. And of course no one wants to come here and invest time and money, and fight against abuse of the RMA, for such a pitiful upside. I’ve had international investors say this to my face.

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      • Nrw Zealand is no longer a good place for business. Starts with the communist PM and her penchant to appease unions who financially support Labour and must be repaid for their help. No business owners will replace staff unless necessary, plant will not be replaced or updated, in fact everything is declining, including profits, which will mean less taxes to waste on unemployable state house dwelling bludgers and breeders forr income. The shit will hit the fan when they have no money to toss at their bludging voter base.


  • Appreciate all that you are doing with your regular blogs FANTASTIC.
    Im totally over this govts blatant lies and disregard for the voters opinions and the complete blackout of democracy.We must find a way to circumvent the bought and paid for media outlets and continue to get the truth out behind this govts agenda for our future.
    Your articles keep me sane and hopeful Thanks


  • Sometimes I have watched Prime News first and then TVNZ news and have noticed stories where TVNZ have used Judith Collins comments on a topic and used it as an insert on a totally different story. Having just watched Prime I saw what Judith was really talking about and in its proper context it was a reasonable comment. I think TVNZ news would make even Putin blush as a source of State propaganda and bias.

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    • The infuriating part of this blatant bias news reporting is that we taxpayers are funding it. Karl du Fresne gave full details of the conditions media must adhere to in order to receive these payments. They are racist, and make Pravda look like a right wing publicaation.


  • The term conspiracy theory was weaponised after JFK. The state uses it to discredit any narrative that goes against its own. Back then too many of LBJ’s buddies were upset at the line of questioning being directed at them. It’s effective. But now every two bit tyrant uses it. You can make a tutt-tutt noise and say conspiracy theory, when you are losing an argument or seeking a massive misdirection. It’s like calling someone a “racist, homophobe, bigot, nazi”. It is retarded rhetoric. If you do use it, like Katie and the One-news, you have conceded you lost the argument.

    [heard this explained by Mark Crispin Miller, a lecturer on Propaganda at NYU]