New Zealand’s illegitimate ruling class is strangling our democracy

Readers of this blog know that something is terribly amiss in our country today. We feel it. We’ve felt it for some time. We’re baffled that it continues and we’re also baffled as to why so very few of those who claim to represent us seem interested in changing it.

The unease is because New Zealand, from Stewart Island to North Cape, is engulfed in the machinations of deceit. Given the complexities of the largely state funded lying machine, it is a situation well encapsulated by a quote from “Gulag Archipelago” writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

“We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.”

How do we stop the lies, and how do we return to the truth? First we have to recognize the source and stem the flow. Back in 2012 David Farrar wrote an article entitled “Be afraid, be really afraid“. It listed the aims of Labour’s grassroots activists.

A headline Michael Joseph Savage (Labour’s founder) would be astonished to read. In fact there is no “border” between Auckland and Waikato.

Labour had won the 2002 election and had already been working hard on those objectives. They were stymied a bit when National won power in 2008, but as usual the Nats did nothing to turn back what Labour had accomplished.

Due to the vagaries of the MMP system, Labour regained power in 2017 with only 37% of the vote and have pursued their objectives with renewed vigour. They were re-elected in 2020 on the strength of their perceived success in keeping NZ “safe” from the Covid-19 virus.

Now, with as firm a hold on power as they have ever had, and controlling almost every social institution, Labour are fully committed to the mantra that the ends justify the means. This is why we’re drowning in lies. The left are everywhere and they’ll do anything necessary to reach their objectives. Lying through their teeth every day is no problem.

The term “the long march” refers to the left’s mission to infiltrate and control every public institution and the private ones they are able to. Combine this ambition with the sea of lies we’re living in today, and its clear the source of our unease is the Labour party and their shadowy soldiers who have infiltrated everything as they have always planned.

Today, right across society and even in that they have penetrated so called opposition parties, and control almost every facet of society, the left are the illegitimate and largely unelected ruling class.

An utterly ridiculous propaganda story from Scott Palmer, Newshub’s “Senior Digital Producer”

Notice how since 2017 voices who oppose Labour have been gradually shut down? Radio and television hosts have gone. Hundreds of left opposing social media users have been cancelled. Whereas left wing media outlets are growing in number. Cultural Marxism through the arts and entertainment is also generously funded by means of Creative New Zealand.

All mainstream media is compromised. TV One especially. The NZ Herald. Radio NZ. Stuff. Newshub. If you want to hear true opposition voices you must go to blogs like the BFD or Muriel Newman’s NZCPR or Basset Brash and Hide, or Karl Dufresne. These views can’t be found in the mainstream media because they have been completely eradicated.

However ninety five percent of voters are influenced by the MSM, only 5% at the most read blogs. We have the utterly ridiculous situation where the MSM continually reach for public opinion polls for validation, when it is their lies that are the main influence on public opinion.

There is a concerted effort to remove Judith Collins as leader of the National Party because she has showed a somewhat muted tendency to challenge the lies. Worse, the Nats have been infiltrated like every other institution, and there is a plot within the party to work with the corrupt NZ media and replace Collins. Just another in the long line of deceptions.

Video: Newshub reporter Tova O’Brien is friends with those in National who want Judith Collins replaced as leader

Duncan Garner left Newshub soon after a hard interview with Jacinda Ardern. Coincidence? Not likely. Garner occasionally showed a streak of rebel, so it was only a matter of time until he was cancelled.

Now Newshub and its sister organization Stuff are beating up the story that a right wing white supremacist movement exists that is an immediate threat to NZ’s political stability. This is all lies, and like everything else the left have done, including the brouhaha on “hate speech”, designed to limit the expression of opposing ideas.

So how do we stop all of this? We need an opposition, whether it is one party or three, united around a set of objectives designed to counter the left’s objectives, and to wind back the left’s successes. A good start would be-

  • The dismissal of the climate change scam and the disestablishment of all govt agencies pushing it and or funding it (including universities)
  • The dismissal of the Maori sovereignty movement and all govt agencies pushing or funding it (including universities)
  • An investigation into govt spending and the de-funding of every institution sympathetic to the Labour party and its aims (Creative New Zealand and the Human Rights Commission for two glaring examples)
  • As part of the third point above, not one dollar in govt advertising or funding to go to the mainstream media, and the immediate defunding and winding down of TV One, Radio New Zealand and Maori Broadcasting. Do not sell them off. They are evil and they must be gone.

    Radio and television hosts critical of Ardern and her govt are all absent from their jobs today. Pic shows Duncan Garner ex Newshub, John Banks and Sean Plunkett ex Magic Radio

  • An investigation into local govt to uncover left wing funding channels disguised as do-good schemes, and their immediate disestablishment.
  • A review of all laws passed recently that impact negatively on rights detailed in the Bill of Rights and a repeal of the laws that threaten those rights.
  • De-politicisation of the Police

The above suggestions are the tip of a massive iceberg. The lies will not stop while the uniparty and their comrades in media, academia and govt are the only organised groups with an agenda. We urgently need a counter agenda, and a legitimate effective organised group to pursue it. Who is or where is that group? Given the compromised state of National, a new party may be the only road to truth.


  • Great article Redbaiter . A new party is the way forward… There’s too much corruption in place right across the current outfits.


    • Trump is having sucess changing getting the RINO’s out of the Republican party, I think that’s a better move and more cost effective. And more importantly you don’t need to wait for 3 election cycles to make headway. We wouldn’t survive as a nation 3 election cycles of labour


  • Is such a call beyond Seymour & ACT? (I suspect it is.)
    If so, ‘who’ and ‘where’ are not all.
    There’s also the ‘how.’
    Any democracy-friendly billionaires on your contact list?


  • We urgently need a proper right wing(socially and economically right) government in power and we also need a 2nd amendment like the USA. I know we dont have this and probably wont ever get it but one can dream.
    Thanks for another quality article though mate.


  • You have to laugh at “Producer of Digital Clickbait”.
    What a meaningless existence, dribble that has a $ value of nothing because it has to be turned over within 24 for the next load of clickbait to take its place.
    No wonder NZ media organisations sell for less than the price of a cheeseburger these days.


    • We desperately need Murdoch to take over The Dom again. The pro-Adern filth Stuff spout daily, paid for by taxpayers, has gone too far.

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  • I’ve been a long time reader of David Horowitz, a one time Marxist who knows their strategies well. He turned his back on them in his twenties, and he wrote this about the Obama administration, but it actually applies to every left wing govt all over the west-

    “The left wing political apparatus feeds off the entitlements of the welfare state: social workers, university intellectuals, government bureaucrats and government unions are all clients of the Big Government programs the left promotes.

    The fundamental motivation for Leftists is their understanding that winning control of government is tied to fat cat salaries, feather bedded jobs, government grants, public money for private groups and companies, government contracts and union bargaining advantage. The use of government to feed friends and starve enemies is something Leftists know instinctively. Winning elections means getting or keeping a livelihood.”

    The bottom line is that the left always uses govt, and in particular govt (or taxpayer) money to promote its ideology and increase its grip on power.

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  • Well written. Couldn’t agree more with all you say.
    Where and how does the fight back start is my only question. For if it doesn’t start soon, there will never be another opportunity

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  • There would seem to be a real need for a change in the heart of a large percentage of the population. Cindy’s ability to generate adulation from misfortune seems to know no bounds and the constant bickering within Judge Judy’s lot does little to inspire one’s change of allegiance. Do we gather under a Godless Act banner, who admittedly talk a lot of sense, or is there a galvanizing force elsewhere? I’m concerned for my grandchildren.


  • A good conservative party that will break welfare self-entitlement for starters.


  • We seem to have no path forward to correct the corrupt situation. Someone needs to figure out a practical way to restore the country. It seems impossible at this stage. The younger generation are uneducated in history, ignorant to commercial realities and brainwashed by a leftist media and leftist education system.

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  • I agree with everything you say! At the moment i’m reading a book by Donald Trump Jr. titled “Liberal Privilege” and it’s unbelievable!! EVERYONE need to read this book! The Labour idiots here are taking their cue from the USA Democrats for sure and for that reason both countries are well on their way to the sewer! This book is available on Kindle for about NZ$16. YOU MUST READ IT! and we must stop New Zealand’s destruction at the hands of these crooks!!