Fake newsers at Newshub sneer at real journalism

When the Ardern govt gave $55 million of your dollars to Helen Clark’s brainchild Creative New Zealand for it to distribute through its sub-agency NZ on Air, the agency received 123 applications for a share of the dosh. Which should give you some idea of how much integrity exists today in the NZ media.

It is also why they shouldn’t be sneering at real journalists like Tucker Carlson, paid around $6 million per annum by FOX, and who is doing his job in the fearless way that it used to be done in NZ, about fifty years ago.

Newshub reporter Hannah Kronast has featured on this blog before, and yesterday she wrote a column critical of Carlson for his mocking Jacinda Ardern, in particular the PM’s penchant for lockdowns. Tucker had been “condemned online” wrote MS Kronast.

Newshub “journalist” Hannah Kronast

She then went on to list a number of comments made on Twitter and Facebook attacking Mr Carlson. Sure, that impresses you right? Who doesn’t know that everyone using those social media outlets is a totally objective middle of the roader with absolutely no prejudices against FOX news or anyone on the right. It sure impressed Ms Kronast. Seventy per cent of her article was made up of such quotes.

Carslon has the most watched show in America, but that counts for nothing among the fawning state subsidised lackeys of the Ardern govt who work for Newshub and other NZ media. Whose output is so uninteresting to their potential customers they need to scrabble for funding from the PM’s phony partisan agencies to stay alive.

In their 123 applications media asked for $44 million from the govt. Unfortunately, in the first round of funding there was only $9.5 million available. Poor things. The PDF linked at the bottom of this article gives the detail of what lucky applicants got what. It makes sickening reading.

Newshub and all of their mates scrabble to toe the govt line on Covid-19 responses and remedies. Many of their stories are sneering diatribes ridiculing or otherwise attacking citizens sceptical of Ardern’s control measures. Those citizens not so beholden to Jacinda Ardern as NZ media is, and holding contrary but informed opinions they developed from their use of overseas news sites.

Such as Tucker Carlson’s examination today on the effectiveness of masking. He mocks Oregon governor Kate Brown, a dimwitted Democrat who gets too much mileage from a strange compulsion to declare herself bisexual at every opportunity, and is generally a lot like Jacinda Ardern in her dictatorial governing style, and the need to make everyone afraid.

Tucker brings us facts, science and research to challenge the dictates of the likes of Brown and Ardern. He makes an excellent case against the idea that masks should be mandatory, especially outdoors. In other words he does his job.

Taxpayer’s Union graph showing extreme left propaganda outlet The Spinoff has received over $6 million from the Ardern govt

Something Ms Kronast and her fellow Newshub scribblers will never be able to do. Even if they did possess the necessary talent, they can’t risk speaking truth unless it leaves them out of favour with Jacinda’s tax payer-money-distributing friends at NZ On Air.

If you’re interested in learning the other side on masks, the side the NZ media will never address, then watch Tucker’s video above. Its interesting, its challenging, and its well presented. Everything the NZ media cannot deliver. The best part is though, you weren’t forced to pay for it by means of corrupt politicians and their friendly state funded bureaucracies.

NZ on Air Funding (PDF)


  • Come on Judith, tell us you would not entertain throwing taxpayers’ money at failed MSM outlets. If they cannot stand on their own feet as media have done for decades, then so be it. Many of them belong in the gutter and it would really make my day to hear they cannot survive. Having maligned and marginalised advertisers, they have lost revenue, now they expect us to pay for their filthy woke narrative being rammed down the throats of our populace daily. Enough Ardern and your PR media scunge . . . get out of our lives..


  • Come on Judith, tell us you (taxpayers) will not fund the dissemination of woke, vile, anti-white, pro-communist rubbish. This has got a point of no return, and the perpetrators of crap being rammeed down our throats belong in the gutter where they arose. Media has been totally hijacked by pro-Ardern anti-commerce losers so let them sink in the sewer together . . . keeping their hands offf my hard earned taxes.


  • Tucker is OK, but is kept on a short leash.

    NZ for sure has a massive imbalance. “Be kind”, a euphemism for “be happy slave, sadness is not allowed”. Both sides of politics are against us, and for their paylords.

    The Islamic False Flags, as created by the ISIS in Kabul, have begun. The endless war people will be giggling with joy, particularly when their attacks hit NZ. Screwtape and his giggling journos. Politicians standing by, waiting for instructions.

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    • The enemedia Jacinda lapdog would not be able to compete with an average person with a sharp mind, cell phone and microphone. The are just liars fake journalists, if I saw one needing help on the side of the road I’d probably just walk on by. They are the enemy of all things true and honest. No other person is despised more, trust factor is around 40% and to be honest I’m surprised it’s that high

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  • Tucker is a million times more intelligent that anyone at Stuff or the Herald! He sometimes gets carried away, but ‘does’ his research and is usually polite/thoughtful in his presentation. They just hate him because he is not a
    left wing sheep.

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  • Oh no. The lady with the low intellect and lack of world perspective is upset that someone has called out the lady with the teeth. Boo hoo.
    Seriously, is that what modern journalism is; trawling social media for examples of outrage that reinforces their narrative? I think I just answered my own question.

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