The He Puapua report summarised in video

This video outlines the basics of the 34 page He Puapua report as presented to the govt in 2019 by the Working Group on a Plan to Realise The UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This report is a blueprint for a separate Maori government written by radical Maori activists working within the bureaucracy. Winston Peters claims it was hidden from the people of New Zealand prior to the 2020 election. Jacinda Ardern and the similar radical Maori activists who have infiltrated the Labour party hid it from you.

This was an act of utter unforgiveable deceit. Nothing having this kind of massively destructive impact upon our society should be hidden from voters. This is a plan that if realised will destroy our Westminster one man one vote system and split our country and government by race. New Zealanders should have known about this prior to the election.

The video is based on an email message containing a series of nine memes produced by TISM NZ. This blog has no connection with the maker, however the information seems to be accurate. It shows how He Puapua will impact on Education, The Dept of Conservation and Land, Water, Land and business, Government, Health, Justice, Local Councils, and media. Many of the components listed have already been realised.

Please distribute far and wide. Most of our politicians are too timid to fight this battle, so it is up to us. Get this information out there by every means possible. Local link for download below video.

The video can also be downloaded directly at this link


  • Check this out. It’s seriously scary……..



    • Yes, it is scary, but even worse is the fact unknown to most of NZ, and that is that this document/plan is already deeply embedded in the NZ public service/ bureaucracy and will take some effort to turn around. NZers in general just have no idea how much of this plan is already legislatively accomplished.