Fake media forever hating on Trump

There’s a New York Times story on Newshub written by some sniveling little Stasi propagandist called Hannah Kronast which is a contrived hit piece on Trump based around campaign contributions.

Its just staggering to me that these media imposters are so blind to what bigoted hate merchants they have become. Here they are beating up some non-story on Trump for all they are worth, when for months now they have refused to print or do the slightest bit of investigative journalism into real fraud by the Democrats and Joe Biden and his family.

Nothing on the Ukraine payoffs, nothing on the election fraud (in fact it didn’t ever happen is their story), nothing on Biden’s mental incapacity, nothing on his sexual assault charges, nothing on the rank hypocrisy of Kamala Harris being vice president to a man she labelled a rapist, it still just the same old Trump is evil crescendo from the sickening lying communist propaganda agents that represent the larger part of the NZ media.

A list of Hannah’s articles on the Muckrack site exposes a never ending litany of boilerplate propaganda extolling the virtues of the globalist socialist state and the evil of all who oppose it. Not one word, not a murmur of rebellion from her in scores of articles.

These people like little apparatchik Hannah have all been through some kind of mind altering process that has apparently blinded them to all reality, and especially the reality of what they themselves have become.