Coming rises in petrol and diesel prices unnoticed as govt drives Covid-19 panic

Its clear the Ardern govt is exaggerating the Covid-19 crisis in order to distract the publics attention from its overall woeful performance. While NZers are fed a daily dose of fear about the virus, there’s a lot of bad stuff happening behind the scenes that in other times would be headline material.

Diesel, petrol, natural gas and electricity charges are all going to massively increase as the Carbon Trading scheme, dreamed up by UN bureaucrats and signed onto by cronyist fake capitalists takes effect. They’re all making money hand over fist, and consumers distracted by TV One’s scaremongering on Covid-19 will be paying for it.

When these commodities rise in price so does everything else, because transport/ energy costs play a big part in the pricing of everything that is bought. Current projections are that the fake named “Carbon Price” will rise to $70 a tonne or more. This should be big news, especially as the govt last year “capped” the price at $50.

PM Ardern and Greens leader Jimmy Shaw are pleased their plans to raise energy prices are working

In fact Ardern’s cap is another bit of fakery, as she can’t really control the price, given it is decided in auction houses in overseas trading centres. Its likely the price will rise far above $70/tonne which will have a devastating effect on what NZers pay for practically everything. $110 is not far off, and some say it will reach $250, and if so it will be catastrophically damaging to our standard of living.

Whereas NZers are already paying 12 cents extra for a litre of petrol, the $70 cap will see this rise to 16 cents. Don’t forget, its not just the cost of petrol and diesel. A rise in these commodities drives similar rises in groceries and all other everyday items.

Greens leader Jimmy Shaw, the radical communist who poses as a moderate is gleeful at the rises. He wants them as high as possible for he agrees that our reliance on cheap energy must be destroyed, and he knows carbon trading and the subsequent cost rises are the way to do it. His problem, and one he is happy to ignore, is there is no alternative supply of energy for consumers to turn to. None that are any cheaper anyway.

So we have clear economic disaster deliberately engineered by the Jacinda Ardern/ Labour govt bearing down upon us and its hardly causing a ripple in the news cycle. As TV One and every other media source continues to drive Covid-19 fear, the social and economic destruction Ardern’s policies are creating behind the scenes goes unnoticed.

In this case, its going to hit hip pockets hard and when it does, maybe at last NZ voters will awaken from their induced state of apathy and fear. Let’s hope that by then, its not too late.


  • These assholes need to be gone asap.The communist cunts have no place in NZ.The NNP values over the next 2 yeare have got to put them out for good and i hope that it happens before that.-God help NZ-share the NNP values as much as possible or we will all enjoy an impoverished retirement and our kids and grandkids will grow up {if allowed to} to live in a communist dictatorship spraking mandarin of Maori.Fuck this bunch of lying bastards.


  • Name calling and foul language does nothing to enhance any case.


  • Lets be honest about the lot in total Nazi control at present, they want to destroy all small business and every other free thinking kiwi voter, take our guns and control the food water etc. They are not kiwi that love our nation, they are traitors and communists, this is probably an oxymoron as all communists are traitors.

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  • When someone can make statements such as this:
    Bloomfield said racist remarks being directed towards the Samoan community were “disappointing, and frankly, gutless”.
    It means we are to no longer accept truth and facts!


  • People, the sheep are being led to the slaughter house and are being chopped one by one. When over 50% of your neighbours and fellow countrymen vote for an airhead who doesn’t even know the difference between GDP and an IOU, how do you think that will play out economically. especially with Left leaning Media.


  • Couldnt agree moew this is communism at its highest level for modern day society sack these cunts and withdraw from the UN and now.