National won’t fight most important battle

Not much change will occur at this weekend’s National Party conference. Even though the Nats have lost two elections in a row now, only a few understand why, and most of them do not.

The real point about the Nationals is that even when they win elections they lose, and this is why the country has plunged headlong into the abyss of socialism over the last few decades.

New Zealand is in a destructive leftist vortex because National has refused to fight the culture war. Surrendering this most important and strategically valuable battlefield to the left and thereby allowing them massive victories. Why has National surrendered in this fashion? Two main reasons.

Many party members want Party President Peter Goodfellow removed, or at least excluded from the candidate selection process

One, it has been infiltrated by leftist Manchurian candidates who have convinced the party that this foolish surrender is the right way to go. The second is that its choice of candidates has been poor. The selection committees have deliberately selected people who will not fight the culture war, or in many cases do not even know what it is.

If the Nats were the real thing, they would fire party president Peter Goodfellow for these failings, given he was personally present at every such selection.

Only when National realise that the cultural battle ground is the most important fight of all will they amount to a real political force and be able to change NZ’s Venezuelan trajectory. Judith Collins has shown signs of awakening to this need, and this is what has made her persona non grata with the left of the party, and especially so with NZ’s left controlled media. They want Judith Collins gone because she looks as if she is gearing up for a full fledged cultural battle.

The corrupt mainstream media have already signaled to the National’s conference this weekend that they must not make this change. Stuff for example ran a column including this stark warning from an anonymous attendee-

The delegate said she was keen to see the National leadership stop focusing on culture war issues – as it did this week with a suggestion of a referendum on the name “Aotearoa”.

This when all polls show massive support for opposing this change. If the Nats are seeking to root out the infiltrators in their party, they should start by identifying this person. Kick her out of the party and never ever let her enter it again. She is a traitor and a Labour party plant.

The left’s greatest successes have come though cultural change. They have convinced that Nats not to fight at this level. They have kept every cultural warrior of the right out of the debate. This is why you can only read writers like Karl Du Fresne and Muriel Newman on their own blogs. That’s why there are no media personalities like Rush Limbaugh (RIP) or Tucker Carlson in New Zealand.

Muller’s reluctance to fight the culture war made him easy meat for NZ’s left media. His supporters are as wrong as he was.

This is why the only so called “right wing” commenters the media will let speak are weak controlled examples who will not fight the real fight. In fact only a few days ago one of the media’s favourite “go to” guys for supposedly right wing comment (Ben Thomas) wrote a column saying the Nats should not fight the culture war. Just as if Jacinda Ardern was pulling his strings.

Judith Collins said yesterday she did not take much notice of the Young Nats who frequently oppose the main party on social issues. Maybe Ms Collins already knows that it has been Labour party policy for decades to infiltrate the Young Nats. How many of these infiltrators have gone on to hold senior positions in the National Party? How do we know such infiltrators are not influencing the selection process?

For those who think this scenario is incredible, remember that only recently there were two Chinese MPs removed from both Labour and National because of strong connections to the Chinese Communist Party. If the CCP can infiltrate NZ’s political parties, so can Labour infiltrate National.

National must fight the culture war. It must rid itself of those who try to stop this. Donald Trump still has enormous political support from the people, and is hated by the left and their media soldiers. Why? Because he took the Republican Party into the cultural war that they had, like National, been convinced by traitors within not to fight.

The Republican Party is going through massive change right now. Its doing exactly what the National Party needs to do. Its ridding itself of leftist infiltrators, and recruiting candidates ready to fight on the cultural battle ground.

National won’t do this at their weekend conference, but perhaps a few blows may be struck against the left factions. If these lefty infiltrators are not defeated over the next two years, then the Nats may as well fold their tents. Most of rural NZ and other conservatives, their core constituency, will have no need of them.


  • Salacious Crumb

    Really good piece Red and hard to disagree with anything you’ve said. On the quoted “delegate”, I seriously doubt there was any such person. Quite simply the MSM in this country are of such low rent, they would make this sort of quote up. I know this for a fact regarding the way they hung out Hamish Walker with some weapons grade bullshit and untruths. I would like to hear Collins come out with a media policy namely that the government will not be contributing one cent and will set up a commission to look into media bias off the back of previous government funding.

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    • Thank you Salacious. Yes, I hope National do deal to the media next time they’re in power, along with a load of other such things they should have done years ago. Media actually receive far more funding from the govt besides the “grants” Labour just handed them and it should all be investigated by the Nats and every dollar halted.

      TVNZ and RadioNZ should be sold off as well. Creative NZ, (Helen Clark’s brainchild) that delivers a continuous raging river of Cultural Marxist bs into our society should also be defunded and disbanded.

      Media used to be an important part of the democratic process. Today it functions as an antidemocratic millstone around the neck of our voting system.


  • I think the thing hangs on a thin hair of Damocles. The nation will flip given the right trigger. The Nats are lost. Faust rules their caucus. Their leader is unlikeable, and their second stringers are far worse. Judith is smart, successful, lawyerly, but unlovable, and uninspiring.

    Seymour has potential. ACT should eat the dead corpse of National and revitalise it. I just wish he’d never glorified suicide. What a spanner. Can’t please everyone though, and he’s the least worst. Yay. Ride the anti-covid tiger.

    Lets ditch the mod gamma politicians and just elect lairds. Or Working men or women. I’m sick of the BS. Fake and gay.


    • The problem with ACT is they are negotiating with labour when they should be categorically ruling out certain policies – consider hte marxist conversion therapy law. In addition to that, ACT’s anti-human views on post birth abortions is just plane evil.

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  • Great article, am sharing it as much as possible