Jacinda’s cynical use of Pacifica community

Jacinda Ardern should apologise to the Pacifica community again, for using them to massage the news cycle. Ms Ardern’s apology on Sunday was designed only to distract public attention from her very bad results in this weekend’s Reid Research poll, where the Labour party dropped 10%.

The main business of govt for Jacinda Ardern is massaging the media. Ardern has four press secretaries and other Ministers have two each. Almost every govt dept has experienced an explosion in spin doctor numbers since Ardern became PM. A “senior journalist” revealed that Ardern holds a regular Monday morning meeting with the leaders of all major news outlets.

Facial expressions, head nodding and hand waving are all part of Jacinda’s practiced strategies in media manipulation

The apology for the so called “Dawn Raids” was originally scheduled to be held weeks ago, but postponed ostensibly for reasons associated with Covid19. It was also about time the Roy Morgan poll came out showing a savage drop in ratings for Jacinda and The Labour party.

Ardern’s media unit heads L to R Andrew Campbell, Ellen Read and Raj Nahna

The media hardly reported on this poll, although at the weekend Newshub made a big deal of the Reid Research poll. They had to of course, for they knew there was no way they could keep up the facade of objective reporters if they outright refused to report on two bad polls for their Princess. To compensate, they made Judith Collins the focus in attempting to argue that her low personal polling was more significant than Labour’s 10% drop.

Ms Ardern’s media managers knew the bad poll was coming out this weekend so they scheduled the apology to be coincident. It was cancelled a few times in order to align with the poll results. Note TV One, the PM”s own propaganda service, running of a number of stories on the “apology”, whereas the bad polling news had to wait till Monday.

Just to make sure it made the news, Ms Ardern went through the ridiculous process of being covered with a mat. So she sat there like an idiot cloaked in an enormous tent. It was silly, but it was a good entrant for news of the day. Mission accomplished.

Ardern was covered by a mat as part of the apology ceremony

Ardern has a proclivity for costuming. Muslim and Indian and Pacifica on many occasions and she’s apparently quite unaware of how desperately political and cringeworthy it really looks. Wearing another culture’s religious garb or festive decorations is just smarmy, tactless, ill mannered and unintelligent. However that’s Ms Ardern all over.

The apology itself was fake too. The raids were only a normal response to immigration overstayers and they’re still going on today. Pacifica community should ponder upon how they have been used by Jacinda, and so should almost every other community group.

At one time or another they’ve all been used in the same way. If they haven’t they soon will be. Jacinda’s just waiting for the right moment, so the news cycle can be turned to her advantage


  • This was cynical and unnecessary. Why apologise for something that should still be occurring. They were arresting, and deporting, illegal overstayers, many of whom were violent criminals. Many are still here breeding ferals that make up PI gangs, those that Ardern and her scruffy brainless mob pander to. I, personally have had gutsful of this woke bunch of unemployables ruining our once decent and respected country New Zealand. Wake up decent Kiwis they need to go!

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  • I think what is happening with NZ is how Iran was lost in 1978.
    Then the Mullahs partnered with Communists (MEK who train Antifa in USA today) to overthrow the Shah. They instituted communist government with the Islamic Sharia cover.

    Now, CCP partners with Maori via Green Urban Planning per Agenda 2030 and 2050 facilitate by UN. The same UN who betrayed the Shah of Iran in 1979. So the “mullahs” are CCP in NZ. The “communists” are Maori. Remember the Mullahs are allies with CCP – an Iranian was the first Covid case in Auckland in Feb 2020 having flown direct from Tehran to Auckland. News outlets quickly covered up the Iranian connection, but the Iranians were international super spreaders during Wuhan Lockdowns. The goal was defeat Trump.

    Here’s how it ended: Once the Mullahs had governance determined, in 1982 and 1992, they assassinated former Communist allies. Revolutionary Guard (former gang members during Shah era turned Militant) hunted MEK around the world and killed them. Sharia took over while parliament flipped communist from our Constitutional Monarchy under the Shah. Iranian villages were assigned Communist “kometeeh” who ruled with death without due process. The communists installed mob rule over due process then the Mullahs added Sharia to the mix. So imagine a local township in New Plymouth assigned a Maori “kometeeh” just killing NZ Farmers who protest instead of a due process system. You saw the beginning with Covid quarantines last year where a mother was jailed for letting her Kiwi kids see their Kiwi dad’s funeral by escaping the hotel. Mulahs terminated local government into a central bureaucy that Revolutionary Guard controlled (thugs like Mongrel Gang and Mexican Cartel today).

    Here’s how it’ll end with New Zealand: The Maori will flip Elizabeth’s Constitutional Monarchy, note the incoming Gov-Gen. Once the governance is finalized, CCP will assassinate their various “partners” and consolidate power. The very Maori who cost NZ its Constitutional Monarchy will be terminated by their CCP masters. #BeKind

    Also, remember the Iranian Mullahs are longtime allies with Mexican Cartels. So New Zealand is controlled by UN, Iranian Mullahs, CCP, Mexican Cartel with Maori and Mongrel Gang as “fronts” for the locals to stay complacent. And Hollywood ties all them together via news, advert, films and TV series.