Major battery fire at Australian renewable energy station not reported by NZ media

New Zealand media would deny allegations of green left bias, but the evidence is overwhelming. For example, when renewable energy is such a hot topic right now, a search of NZ news shows no mention of a major battery fire occurring at a Tesla power project in Australia.

The event was reported on numerous sites overseas but apparently ignored in New Zealand. Why wasn’t it reported in NZ? Because in this country, most “reporters” are in reality green left political activists who hide news damaging to their cause.

NZ media is staffed with what amounts to a collection of religious zealots who feel their mission is not to report news objectively but to save the planet from impending disaster. A disaster caused by climate change, and which we can only avoid by sourcing our energy solely from electricity.

This is an insane basis for a belief, but as Jim Jones and his People’s Temple cult demonstrated so well, such zealotry as the climate change fanatics are infected with depends upon insanity for its continued existence.

Climate change fanaticism defies logic and reality in so many ways, and battery power is one of the most stark examples. It starts with calling electricity from such sources as wind, solar and battery as “renewable”. It is not renewable, and to call it so is a complete fallacy. Like most other sources of energy it depends upon mining of minerals that are already suffering significant shortages and will eventually cease to exist.

In many cases the “fossil fueled” energy used to construct the “renewable” power exceeds the output of the so called renewable source over its lifetime.

Other news services report objectively, and unlike NZ media, do not censor items damaging to the “renewable energy” religion

The claim that so called renewable energy is environmentally sound ignores the damage done by mining and most markedly, the eventual need to dispose of “renewable” items like windmills, solar panels, and worst of all batteries. The battery fire in Australia occurred while the batteries were still in use, but many fires are also started in refuse centers where they have been discarded.

However one of the worst effects of moving from hydrocarbons to “renewables” is always ignored and that is the loss of the efficiencies and convenience, most markedly represented by the phasing out of the petrol powered internal combustion engine, probably the most efficient source of energy ever invented to date, and one that has provided immeasurable benefit to society.

That the petrol engine, that has reached its pinnacle of engineering excellence in recent decades, is being discarded for battery powered vehicles because of the myth of climate change is the epitome of Jim Jones style cult insanity.

The sane person knows this, but there are very few such people working in the green left cult that masquerades as our media. The most stark downside of this is an extreme lack of information which restricts the public’s ability to make rational decisions, about energy and batteries in particular.

Batteries are a major environmental hazard

Its just like the Taliban in Afghanistan not wanting women to go to school, where they might learn stuff and therefore become free from the cult. So NZ citizens are being denied full knowledge of the insanity of the environmental movement by a green left media Taliban who are frightened that if the truth got out, their religion would be doomed.


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