Climate change research money comes from West’s enemies

Climate Change research in elite American universities is being funded by Communist China. If we had a real media in New Zealand, it is certain we would know this was also a major problem here.

Communist journalists working for Stuff and Newshub and TV One and the Herald and Radio NZ are all happy to push lie after lie on this issue upon a largely unsuspecting public. They’re doing massive damage to the West’s economies while simultaneously providing a massive boost to the Chinese economy.

Chart shows massive increase in communist China’s global economic influence this century

The US Department of Education recently began enforcing a law requiring universities to disclose foreign contributions that exceed $250 thousand dollars.

This uncovered $US6.5 billion dollars of funding, the majority of which came from China. It also included large amounts from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other nations that the Department says are-

“seeking to project soft power, steal sensitive and proprietary research and development data and other intellectual property, and spread propaganda benefitting foreign governments.”

So we have a stream of university research saying the West’s production of CO2 is a global threat, and while we kill our economies “developing” nations (like China) are permitted to produce as much CO2 as they want for as long as they want.

Without doubt, the myth of man caused global warming is a geopolitical tool used by nations that want to weaken the West and the freedoms we enjoy. The Ardern govt , our media and a large part of academia are their allies.

The advantage to China is doubled by means of Western capital flowing into the country to pay for solar panels and turbine equipment. Of course China has also worked hard to corner the global supply of the rare earth minerals needed to build these falsely named “renewable” power components.

The third important issue here is that China is using most of this economic advantage to build up its armed forces, which have grown to the extent that the Chinese Communist party with its belligerent threats to invade Taiwan and to control the South China seas is now the biggest threat to global peace.

So the West is committing suicide at the bidding of Chinese influenced university researchers. However it gets even worse. While NZ’s science bodies are continuously scare mongering about warming, and melting ice caps and rising sea levels, (none of which is really happening) the latest objective research shows the globe is entering a cooling cycle.

NZ media is infested with green left political activists pretending to be objective journalists

US scientists predict the next 20-30 years will be cold because “the sun is in a weakened state and far less active than during the 1980s and 1990s. The cooling trend should last until around 2050.”

The global warming myth brings massive power to govts and enables them to control so much in our lives. So its a benefit to the left of politics, who always want to do this. The Ardern govt with the aid of its media and academic cronies is wrecking our economy for no real reason except their love of power, and simultaneously selling us out to communist China. A double disaster.

New Zealanders are so blissfully unaware of the real forces shaping the country’s outcomes. It won’t change until we get a real media prepared to protect the free West against the predations of Communist China and expose the political corruption of science. At the moment we’ve got a fake corrupt media doing the exact opposite.


  • You have to hand it to Ching Ping and his communist colleagues. They are an extremely cunning lot. If what they have to offer was so splendid. the Taiwanese would be rushing headlong to rejoin the mainland. No brains needed to understand why that’s not happening.


  • So along these lines, when Auckland hosts Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, and his handler who got him elected to LA City Council through its Presidency to Mayor of Los Angeles, and got himself named first Chief of Sustainability for City of Los Angeles – the Mikhail Gorbachov trained Matt Petersen – Kiwi should start waking up. Mike Bloomberg, a CCP ally, funds C40 Cities – chaired by Eric Garcetti to implement Global Green USA landuse policy that ruined California. The CCP and Iranian Mullahs just started funding Uni in the past decade. Global Green and NRDC, headed by Robert Kennedy Jr were feathering the Urban Development policies for over 25 years. Let’s give the Americans credit where credit is due for the failures in New Orleans, Post Sandy New York City and Haiti.

    The real danger is worldwide assault on growers, ranchers and farmers by Green Building Council, whose first keynote speaker over 20 years ago was Matt Petersen. He comments on this blog – ask him why he hates New Zealand? Ask why he comments but doesn’t use his real name? Why do you hide on this blog, Matthew?

    Do Kiwi want what Venice Beach has become to replace its ag lands? The failed policies were deveoped steps away in Santa Monica by Global Green and NRDC.

    C40 Cities:


  • I’ve been searching for the Michael Baker lecture on Sustainable Cities at Otago 15 years ago to point out among NZ UNI benefiting from CCP funds fueled with Global Green/NRDC Urban Planning policy via Green Building Council is Otago – and specifically Michael Baker. I adopted Michael’s name as his “better half” (exposing his lies) when I noticed he leveraged the evolving March 2020 Covid19 policies to boost his profile by April 2020. Among Bakers tactics was his use of Climate Hoax messaging/strat that I know so well from California. Climate Lobby were the first to adopt Social Media and weaponize online media tactics in 2009. Michael Baker displayed his “know-how” in March 2020 to apply tactics from the Climate Hoax weaponized propaganda. Well, look how Michael’s profile has evolved and grown from 2020 to 2021 – meanwhile, the YouTube video of his Sustainable Cities lecture I’d passed on to Damien de Ment and Lee Williams has been removed? It had 0 views in Sept 2020 when I sent that link to Damien and Lee. By July 2020 Davos, the Climate Lobby’s Social Media troll army was 10 years in the making, enabling it to instantly shut out voices who questioned Covid19 narratives in election 2020.

    Here’s all that is left of the NZ Sustainable Cities YouTube with cameos from Michael Baker

    Seek Michael Baker’s Urban Development Lecture of 2005 at Otago Sustainable Cities, showing how long he’s been a Climate Lobby Wanna-Be pushing totalitarian policy. Kiwi will understand how Baker was able to adapt and capture media attention so fast in March and April 2020. Michael Baker enabled the CCP takeover of the NZ2020 election by bridging Climate Hoax to Covid19 messaging while establishing himself as a Source Kiwi should rely on. He helped go from “2 weeks to flatten the curb” to “total elimination.”

    No one would be surprised to learn CCP/Bloomberg/Iranian Mullah funds going to Otago Uni if you learn about the evolution of Michael Baker.


  • Mrs. Michael Baker

    That link from YouTube that shows up isn’t the full playlist I had intend to post. Not sure what happened and it doesn’t let me edit the link. Here’s another lecture series for reference. Point is, Michael Baker lectured on Sustainable Cities at the Uni for 15 years before Covid Showed up:


  • Mrs. Michael Baker

    NOTE TO RB: Sorry to clutter this feed. Not intentional. Unable to edit and consolidate and it’s important to nail Michael Baker’s previous work with how he managed to boost his influence in 2020.

    This is another early Michael Baker Sustainable Cities lecture from 2012. Note there were 0 views last year and now I’m number 96. It’s likely he’s been taking CCP cash in the past decade: