Suhayra Aden should be charged with treason

The West have persistently voted soft weak globalist liberals into power, and the latest example is New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, who has just made a major concession to Jihadi terror. Not only has Ardern allowed the traitor Suhaya Aden back into New Zealand, her officials have already said a proposed “investigation” will not result in any charges.

NZ’s media is in full Praetorian Guard mode and trying to make this about Australian MP Scott Morrison. “How unfair of Morrison to lump NZ with this problem”. Morrison has in fact revoked the citizenship of ISIS sympathisers born in Australia. He could hardly make an exception merely because Aden is a New Zealander by birth. No. This is not about Scott Morrison. It is about Suhaya Aden and Jacinda Ardern.

Aden’s Somalian refugee family were given safe harbour and generous welfare in New Zealand. Her family later moved to Australia, where Aden decided to turn her back on the west’s generosity, and went to support its enemies.

She of course was relatively young and impressionable. However disavowing a country that has welcomed you and travelling to a foreign country to support the barbaric murderous ISIS regime fighting against the West is a bit different to shoplifting.

ISIS are the vile sub-human cowards who roasted their captured adversaries to death over fires, who put them in cages and drowned them. Who blew them to pieces with rockets. They video taped all of this and proudly showed it to the Western world as an example of how committed they were to their cause.

Isis wives pose with firearms and a captured BMW

They also raped women by the thousands. “Sabaya” was the custom that entitled ISIS fighters to buy captured Yazidi woman at auction and imprison and rape them at will. As slaves. In some cases, ISIS wives helped their husbands in these rapes.

The so called investigation is nothing other than an attempt to con the New Zealand population into accepting the New Zealand’s Prime Minister’s reckless decision. That its outcome will largely rely upon testimony from Aden herself is proof its nothing but a farce and a face saving exercise for Jacinda’s Ardern’s weak submission to globalist Jihadi terrorism.

Suhayra Aden gave up her citizenship of Australia and New Zealand by joining ISIS. She spat in the faces of the citizens of the West, who had helped her parents escape war and famine in Somalia, and went to help killers murderers and rapists wage jihad against us.

Australian PM Morrison understands what Ardern is apparently yet to learn. As PM of New Zealand, her first responsibility is the security of its citizens. At the very least Ardern should have told Turkey this criminal’s citizenship had been formally revoked and it was up to that country to deal with Aden as they saw fit.

Seeing Suhayra Aden has been permitted to return to New Zealand, and the West she despises, she should face trial on charges of treason. Execution used to be the standard for such a level of betrayal as this woman exhibited. A life sentence is the least of what she deserves.

The children can be adopted out. The govt removes children from their parents all the time often for trifling reasons. At least in this instance they would have adequate justification. If you think this is hard, remember the barbaric acts ISIS has committed against Yazidi women and children.

The Islamic State styled itself as the caliphate to which all Muslims owed allegiance, superseding all national ties. Suhayra Aden knew all of this when she travelled to join ISIS. She knew about the mass murders. The cruelty and the barbarism. She knew about the rapes. She knew how ISIS were acting towards Yazidi women and  children. She went there because she wanted to be part of it.

Saying sorry at this instance just doesn’t cut it. Not by a long way.


  • Great article and so true, Cindy is trying to defend the indefeasible with lame inane excuses as to why this killer woman is allowed to return to NZ

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  • Another nail in labours coffin…surely.

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  • As usual, The Lucky Country makes a grown-up decision & the poor down-and-out cousin across the channel does the opposite. This piece of slime should never be allowed to set foot on NZ soil – ever. God only knows what she has done & is capable of – may possibly make Brenton Tarrant look like a mere beginner.

    Meanwhile, Ardern & her useless cohorts are springing ‘hate speech’ laws onto NZ. I’d say this Aden waste of space would be seriously guilty of such crimes.

    However lest we all forget, its all about ‘being kind’. No doubt she’ll get handed a teddy bear to put in the window of her state-supplied house when she hops off the plane.

    I wonder when it will finally dawn on Ardern that she definitely needs to start preparing for a new job starting late 2023…..

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  • Media spin would have us believe this woman is a victim and that she deserves the chance for rehabilitation. OMG where does all this insanity end? As the saying goes ‘to hell in a handcart’

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  • Good to see that the covid ps-op is waning and hasn’t taken all the attention. The old scams were getting jealous: Islamic terror, climate change, neo-conservatism, Bolshevism, free-masonry. Y2K gunna make a comeback!


  • Ardern rightly wouldn’t permit little James Buger’s killer, Jon Venables (a Brit), into NZ to be protected by the Crown. Yet she welcomes Suhaya Aden and Iranian Trash Behrouz Boochani?

    It’s interesting the Queen permits Jacinda Ardern on the Team of Three when Brits are not afforded safe harbor but natives of Terrorist Regimes are welcomed? But then where was the Queen when the Shah’s era was stripped by the Carter Administration, trusting Kiwi, Oz and Brits into a Middle Eastern quagmire all these decades?

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