Water reforms modeled on He Puapua plan- NZ needs a fresh election!

“He Puapua” is the document outlining the plan to make all NZers submit to governance by a few radical separatists claiming to represent Maori. The Ardern govt claims it is only a discussion document, but this is obviously false, as the scheme to reform the country’s water system is clearly patterned on the plan.

The water reform plan would have taken some time to complete, so it is clear the govt has been working on the incorporation of He Puapua into policy for at least a year or two. Definitely long before the 2020 election.

Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta is responsible for the reforms

That they have kept this intent secret, and did not present something so important to the voters at that election is just one more indication of Ardern’s duplicitous political habits. It too says all you need to know about NZ’s media that they in the main also kept quiet on He Puapua.

There is much about this “Three Waters” plan that is nefarious. The justification for it is based on a rare and one off event in Havelock North where the town water supply became poisoned and the local govt did not have the resources to deal with it effectively.

The way it is being implemented is equally deceitful. Councils are being bribed to surrender their assets to the four “companies” that will administer the scheme, however the compliance conditions are full of hooks. Not the least is the plan to give Maori influence and control that far exceeds that of every non-Maori New Zealander.

The councils have been given an impractical time to decide on whether they will sign on to the scheme. Westland Mayor Bruce Smith claims the only proper course according to council procedure is to take the matter to referendum, however the timeframe specified by govt will not allow this.

In the video above Mayor Smith outlines his many problems with the scheme and suggests the haste with which it is being implemented is proof of ulterior motives. It is well worth the watch and fully exposes the govt’s dictatorial approach.

The plan is not clear on costs and contrary to govt claims, Smith expects there will be considerable increases. In his ward, those costs will increase from $527 to $1640. Perhaps even more as it is not known whether this is inclusive of GST or not.

The main goal though seems to be to align with the objectives of He Puapua in giving undemocratic sovereignty over water to Maori separatists. Whereas Mayor Smith wants to hold a referendum for his Westland district, there really should have been a national referendum on He Puapua at the last election.

It is a disgraceful deceit that Jacinda Ardern went to the country and kept something so dangerously destructive of NZ’s constitutional democracy from the voter.

If Ardern really wants to proceed with this separatist travesty, New Zealanders should be given their say by means of a fresh election with the voters fully informed on He Puapua and how it will be incorporated in all ongoing govt policy as for example in the Three Waters reform.

She won’t do it for she knows she would lose.

Note: the above 4 minute video is edited to retain the main points of Bruce Smith’s concerns with the Three Waters proposal. The complete video is 17 minutes and can be seen here.


  • Three Waters are already recruiting but the media talk as if this is just a discussion. Even Councils must know their water scientists and engineers are being recruited. Either I have the wrong end of the stick or we have a corruption so large most people can’t see it.


  • Lots of leftie councils would just roll over. We can only hope that it needs a 100% nationwide acceptance to be implemented because there are lots of pockets of resistance. That would ensure a no-go.
    Such urgency by labour.
    Who voted for these people? Those who did must have buyers remorse by now.


  • What is the role of regional councils now? Weren’t they originally created based on the water catchment areas. I’m sure Nanaia has all the answers though, even though it looks like the lights are on but nobody at home.


    • Local councils are gradually losing power to centralised Wellington bureaucracy. (aka the Nomenklatura) Look how local councils had their right to hold referenda on Maori wards squashed. Socialism is all about centralised power, and for power to be centralised it must be removed from the regions.