Stuff sticks up for big government and corporate cronyists

Stuff’s begging message says you should support them because they “stick up for the little guy”. This is perhaps their biggest lie. As their senior writer Andrea Vance’s articles so often prove, Stuff is always for the big money big govt big regulatory forces that are bearing down on the little guy. The forces that the little guys who took part in the Groundswell protest of last week are opposed to.

Stuff’s begging message claims they “stick up for the little guy”

The big guys are the govt funded science bodies that promote the myth of man caused climate change for without that myth’s existence most of them would be jobless. The little guys are Bjorn Lomberg and Michael Shellenberger, who oppose the ideology of the “climate scientists”, but Stuff won’t give them a centimeter of column space.

The big guys are the corporate financiers buying up all of NZ’s productive grasslands and planting them in pine trees. The big guys are the global billionaires buying up coastal property all over the world because looming inflation is soon going to make paper money worthless.

Hang on, aren’t rising sea levels going to flood coastal properties and make them also worthless? Of course not, and the people doing the buying know this claim is fraudulent.

Stuff refuses to publish reputable authors that challenge the climate change cult/scam

They know that most of the investments being made to “combat” climate change are a fraud too, but if there’s money to be made from scheming power hungry socialists using taxpayer money to expand their power base then why not take that opportunity?

The big guys are for climate change and ripping off the little guys, and Stuff is right behind them.

Farmers and all people need to get real about this issue. Climate change is a myth conjured up by global socialists to facilitate their one global government objective. If you don’t believe that you have to ignore the evidence that every prediction made about climate change over the last fifty years has been wrong.

Ms Vance accuses the farmers of Groundswell of crying “wolf” last week, but is apparently oblivious to five decades of false predictions from the climate change scaremongers.

Huckster Al Gore has made an enormous amount of money with false climate predictions

Why would a rational person choose to ignore the evidence of that long record of false predictions? Because man caused climate change isn’t rational. Its been turned into a cult and millions of naïve impressionable young people have been indoctrinated into this cult because we’ve been suicidally lax in allowing the left to control education.

Jim Jones and his orbiting space ships of the “People’s Temple” were nothing compared to the man caused global warming scam.

In a recent survey of issues NZers were concerned about, climate change was seventh on the list. Not at the emergency levels Jacinda Ardern claims it should be, but for a ridiculous irrational superstition, still far too high.

All New Zealanders and farmers in particular need to get real. The climate change issue is a fight over retaining our free and pluralist democracies or succumbing to one world one party socialist/ communist govt by a global oligarchy of power hungry leftists and their rich cronyists.

If this recent Ipsos survey is to be believed, most NZers don’t believe climate change is the emergency the govt claims it is

We know where Andrea Vance and Stuff stand in this fight, and its not for the little guy. This is only one of the torrent of brazen lies they need to stop promoting.

Stand on one side of the line or the other. Its the little guy and freedom against a monstrous monolithical combine of almost unlimited power, influence and money. Make your choice.

As for “crying wolf”, forget it. A much more appropriate metaphor for farmers is the fable about feeding the crocodile.


  • An anthropomorphic climate change man’s best friend is his dogma.

    If we get another term of communist labour / greens gummint, they will bring on yet another three year span of an orchestrated litany of failures.


    • Ha- a nice play on words. New Zealand science is entirely corrupted by that dogma. There are students exiting universities who have been trained to study climate change, and without its existence, their whole career is therefore pointless. Just one of a multitude of forces of self interest the truth must conquer after decades of lies and fraud.


  • A fresh example of the vacuous idiocy that pervades STUFFed.

    “MPs have pocketed $50 million in capital gains from their property interests in the last year amid a growing housing affordability crisis, a Stuff analysis has found.”

    Do these financially illiterate morons not realise that no one has ‘pocketed’ anything? There’s just been a change in numbers on a valuation certificate.

    “It represents a significant increase in wealth for many elected representatives, around 95 per cent of whom have land or property interests.”

    And as most everyone else’s certificates will have changed by the same percentages, there was not – nor can be – any increase in ‘wealth.’


    • Yep, thought exactly the same as I skim read that article. Charlie Mitchell is a stodgy hopeless communist hired by Stuff because apparently it is a good place for the dregs of NZ journalism to find employment.


    • Look at what stuff has done to the circulation of the Southland Time. They destroyed it, it was around 30k on a Saturday, now they are hitting 10k subscribers. But how stupid can you get, they fill the rag with left wing crap in a predominately rural conservative area. No wonder it’s only worth a buck.


      • Yes, when the NZ media is full of left wing BS, you’d think Stuff would try for the opposite end of the market wouldn’t you? Their addiction to their “progressive” ideology will kill them. How sad.


  • There is nothing quite like having a doom porn sermon on climate change delivered by a political journalist who has no qualifications on the matter one way or the other. Just your typical scare story using whatever natural events may have happened recently to push the fear.


  • “Sit down, your full of shit”

    Funny climate vid

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    • Peter Swearingen

      There are so many people working on the “climate change” “Problem?”
      Maybe one will figure out how much hotter Volcanoes will get”
      This is one Earth and one can not claim the atmosphere and the core are not connected.
      If they can predict how much hotter the atmosphere will be in the future then surely they can tell us how much hotter the magma below us will be.
      If they can’t write that equation then what good are they?