Kari Lake- poisonous mainstream media must be destroyed

A commenter on the BFD related an interesting story this morning about an old colleague of his who slavishly supported Jacinda Ardern. His one time colleague (let’s call him Bill) watches the TV One 6 o clock news and his opinions are-

  • Ardern is wonderful and he wants her and Labour to remain as PM “forever”
  • She has saved 88000 lives, including his, by her genius covid management.
  • He knows nothing of He Puapua….

The commenter then describes Bill as once being concerned with politics but nowadays “only concerned with playing golf and having a few beers, he has retired from work and also retired from thinking as he lets the media do that for him”.

TV One is the most influential news service in the country

Bill’s complacency aside, the real issue is that TV One news would never alert anyone to what is really going on anyway. TV One is popular because it is a “heritage broadcaster”, a media source people watch out of habit, and such habits are hard to break.

All over NZ there are millions of people like Bill, watching fake news TV One and thinking its all sweet in the country “everyone” is now calling Aotearoa.

TV One exists not to bring people real news but to keep them subdued while they’re cooked in the slowly warming socialist pot. A strategy that is working better than the left could ever have hoped for in NZ today.

So when we rant at the National Party for not diverging enough from the far left/ socialist status quo, we have to remember that they have to get votes from Bill if they’re going to dislodge Jacinda. However if they do talk about stuff that matters then Bill, a complacent devotee of fake news, will reject them as rabble rousing extremists detached from his reality. The Nats need to better at messaging sure, but its not hard to see that TV One is the real villain here.

Kari Lake is an American politician who is running for the governorship of Arizona. She has worked in the media most of her life and was once a Democrat supporter. However that party’s run to the extreme left has switched Ms Lake to Republican.

In her campaign ad below she talks about how the media is manipulating its audience and attacking democracy. Watch it and you’ll see what is happening in the US. You would have to be blind Freddy not to see Ms Lake’s criticism is just as applicable to New Zealand. Perhaps even more so.

This is one of the best videos you will ever see on the mainstream media’s political  corruption.

For the sake of democracy, we badly need a Keri Lake in New Zealand. Someone who is prepared to take on the forces that are really destroying our country, making the old New Zealand a “progressive” separatist one party state. Someone ready to call out the fake media for the subversive anti-democratic bastards they really are. Sadly, such a person is by normal reckoning, a decade away as yet.


  • It has taken me years to get my wife to accept that the MSM is NOT the pulpit of truth. TV and printed media. Years.


  • Where’s the campaign advert link?


  • I can imagine even the likes of Putin would blush at the ideological bias flowing out of TVNZ. I have watched Prime News before, then watched TVNZ News and seen how comments from Judith Collins have been cut and edited by TVNZ and then used against a completely different story. Most of the TVNZ News team seem like nice people just doing what they are told, but one lady is clearly an out and out political activist who attacks even Jacinda if she deviates from promoting Maori Sovereignty. Notice how we no longer see daily reports from the US President’s press secretary. Why are they no longer shown every day and ridiculed? Do the US Democrats control what is shown on TVNZ news?


  • This is it.
    Nearly half of NZs 3.7mil registered voters are over 50 years old and I would bet that most of them watch One News by habit.
    The older generations brainwashed by the MSM, the younger generations by the MOE and ‘Big Tech’.
    Not looking good.


  • I tend to think Gandalf was right. We cannot use the ring to destroy Sauron. We cannot use the media to destroy the globalist labour left, they are the same thing.

    It is truth that people need. That Jacinda’s cabal of incompetents hate free thinking independent kiwis. Her fear klaxon is loud but distorted and grating. Three people today came in today at work for a chat and openly slandered Jacinda. I was impressed. It is reality that Labour fear. That people might realise how awful they are. It’s happening. I quietly encourage people to turn off the media and embrace the local.


  • I don’t like the boiled frog analogy for the reasons that it is scientifically false – even frogs are not stupid enough to sit in water and be boiled alive.
    But otherwise the media is a cancer on the nation, particularly now that their only business model is to supply a constant stream of fear based doom porn, clickbait, trivia and otherwise report on what a narrow subset of people on ‘social-media’ are doing – as if that is somehow representative of societies views at large.
    I can respect a journalist who is well traveled to report on conflict zones, done serious investigative reporting and who may not even fit into ones own political views, someone like a Glenn Greenwald or a Nicky Hager.
    But that is not your average NZ journo, who straight out of university or journalism school become nothing more than political hacks for their respective entity.
    Of course the reason for this poor standard journalism is obvious, they have no money. Nobody is paying for their output and serious journalism takes money. So instead we get someone behind a keyboard monitoring twitter as their job and calling it journalism.


  • Chuck on frog media mate, live stream every Sunday 8pm, we need to give them a good run for their money, link below