The cancellation of Lee Williams

What happened to Lee Williams makes hate speech laws superfluous. When corporates and MPS and govt contractors and bought off media can destroy a man and his livelihood merely for holding a contrary opinion, why the need for laws?

Media generally supported the cancellation

Not that Lee Williams committed any hate speech crimes. We know that because he was never charged. So therefore it doesn’t matter that we don’t know the detail of what he said, for if he had said anything “bad”, he would have been arrested and charged.

Everything he said therefore must have been within the law.

Apparently Mr Williams was critical of the falsely named “Maori” Party, and made videos mocking its MPS. If ever any MPs needed mocking it is these two pontificating fraudulent narcissists. However you can’t do mocking in NZ today, unless maybe its an opposition MP.

Westpac closed Mr William’s account

Which is sad in a way. Once art was all about challenging the powerful, pointing out hypocrisy and falsity. Which meant it mostly targeted the govt. However most so called art in NZ today is in praise of the govt. Just like it was in Soviet Russia, and still is in China and Nth Vietnam.

Whatever it was Williams said, it didn’t break the law, but he was still punished. Powerful Maori Party MPs on a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year and with a multitude of staff at their disposal helped in organising a petition to get Mr Williams fired from his job driving a truck for milk powder processing company Synlait.

The petition was set up by highly paid employees and contractors associated with Creative New Zealand, a govt organisation dispensing taxpayer money into the “arts” community. Its actually socialist propaganda central where employees trample each other underfoot to earn the favour of the govt.

Synlait fired Mr Williams yesterday. They made a profit in 2020 of $72 million but are facing losses of around $30 million this year. Synlait have received grants totalling $918,234 from the Ardern govt, purportedly for research and employing interns. You can bet that if the govt wanted Synlait to fire one of its employees, they wouldn’t hesitate.

Powdered milk producer Synlait fired Mr Williams

Westpac told Mr Williams he must close his bank account, as they didn’t want his business. Its unknown exactly how much business the rich and powerful Westpac does with the govt but it is undoubtedly substantial. They wouldn’t put all that at risk for the sake of one measly truck driver’s account.

Most mainstream media have disgustingly cheered for Lee William’s persecution. Quote “He has attended “Freedom” and “Liberty” rallies in both Auckland and in Christchurch.” Unquote. They are all receiving millions from the govt in subsidies and grants.

Straight out of Orwell’s 1984 Mr Williams is today, in “democratic” New Zealand a non-citizen. A truck driver cancelled by the rich and powerful working with govt and their agencies.

Lee Williams has been disappeared, and virtually no one has said the slightest thing about it. Which is the way it was in East Berlin, circa 1960.


  • Thank you for the read.
    For a lack of better wording Im really fucked off at these filthy cowards for cancelling Lee.
    Do you think if Lee was brown or black in skin colour would he have been cancelled? I don’t think he would have TBH. Only because hes a white pakeha and a so called ‘white supremacist’ which is complete BS.
    He needs to lawyer up and fight Synlait for unfair dismissal and go for thousands of dollars in lost income and emotional damage. Hes copped a massive amount of abuse on his social media accounts from the woke and nasty lefties(with no profile pictures) and he seems to have just taken it on the chin.
    There has to be a solid lawyer will balls and integrity to take this challenge on.
    Anyways thanks again for the read. Will follow this blog daily from now on. Ta

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    • Thanks for the kind words. Just read the comments on Kiwiblog. Look at this idiotic response. Well meaning, but how can someone be so deficient in comprehension that they can remain so completely oblivious of the main point of this article??? (Which is the influence of govt and govt funding on the suppression of speech) Really, I despair for NZ and the dopey sheeple that make up its vote base. They have no damn idea.

      Kiwiblog comment


  • Yes it’s a disgrace, wrong, unlawful, evil. I have happly contributed to his funding account to help him out, I had hoped some lawyer would put his or hand up but again not surprisingly no one has.
    One thing I would be critical of is this, I think he has played into the cancel cultures hands by being a bit aggressive and coming across very angry. We have to remember or take heed of the environment we live in. Look at Tommy Robinson he was fighting the good fight against child rapists and pedophiles and yet the enemedia and government turned his life into a living hell. He was self sufficient financialy had good lawyers I hope and a high profile. He still lost.
    So we need to wizen up and not give the enemy any ammo. They are at war with us and we need to smarten our game up or we will loose our ability to feed our families and fight the good fight.


    • Good on you for helping Mr Williams out with funding. However, as he has said, there are not many options available to him. Most people are unaware of just how firm a grip the separatist/ maori radical movement has on the levers of power in NZ. They have totally infiltrated the govt bureaucracy and also have the Labour party firmly in their grasp. This is a formidable force.

      Most private law firms are funded by govt in one way or another and are therefore compromised in taking a case like this. (saw a lawyer on twitter who parades as a “conservative” boasting how at a recent law conference all speakers introduced themselves using te reo)

      The Human Rights Commission wouldn’t help as they are the base of much of the separatist propaganda. As I said in another post, the Bill of Rights means nothing in NZ while tyranny is so much in favour with the populace. So I imagine it would be difficult for Lee to find anyone to act for him.

      I agree that we need to smarten up. Its a long road though. I read comments on Kiwiblog, which is meant to be a refuge for the anti-woke, and I just despair at how dim so many of them are. (see comment above) All we can do is keep putting the message out there, and hope that eventually it will be heard by the man in the street.


      • I feel many don’t fully understand the evil we are fighting. In one case in the UK an underage girl was gang raped and played with alcohol to make her compyent, after the police arrive she was charged with underage drinking and for having a concealed weapon, the weapon was a short stick.
        How is this right in a western democracy, hell the cave man would know better.


        • Yes, I agree most do not understand the degree of evil that exists. Almost the complete western world is in the grip of communists who pretend to be something else. Moderates for example. When using that as a disguise, they are really working to destroy our democracies and construct one party totalitarian tyrannies. Jacinda Ardern is a perfect example. Ten years or more in the International Union of Socialist Youth, (an extremist global group dedicated to the ideas of Leon Trotsky) two years as its leader, and she today claims it was only kid stuff. (She was thirty years old when leader).