First $9.6 million payout under journalism fund goes to propaganda framework for He Puapua

As a taxpayer you’re donating $130 million to NZ’s news media. $75 million of that has been spent under Covid19 relief provisions. Today we discovered the socially destructive separatist purposes the remaining $55 million is being put to.

The $55 million is being distributed by NZ on Air under the “Public Interest Journalism” scheme, and they have set up a new division to distribute your money to approved recipients.

Raewyn Rasch is in charge of distributing taxpayer money under the Public Interest Journalism Fund

Newly appointed head of the scheme is one time TVNZ producer and Massey academic Raewyn Rasch. Ms Rasch is well known for launching a campaign encouraging NZ women to wear scarves on March 22 to show their solidarity for those affected by the terror attacks in Christchurch.

Raewyn has made grants worth $9.5 million today to 34 approved projects, and a large part of the money was of course handed out on a race basis. The Herald, NewstalkZB, Māori Television, Newshub and Pacific Media Network receive $2.4m to hire and train 25 cadet Māori, Pasifika and “diverse” journalists. (Maori TV and PMN are already taxpayer funded so its a bonus for them)

Stuff gets $300,800 to train its journalists in “cultural competency” or what is really just brainwashing. There is very little chance that any Stuff journalist isn’t thinking the way Ardern wants them to think, but just in case, this three hundred grand course funded by your taxes should get them thinking right. The Stasi are spinning in their graves.

Leaving aside the separatist divisive nature of the grants, the real issue here is that the govt is pumping taxpayer money into an industry that the man in the street can easily voluntarily support by tuning in to their broadcasts, buying subscriptions to their sites, or buying their newspapers.

So why is the Ardern govt giving them money? It can only be to manipulate the media into producing news and entertainment to suit the govt’s aims, including setting up a huge propaganda apparatus to support the socially divisive objectives of He Puapaua. 

Stuff gets $214,360 for a multimedia series investigating what life was like for New Zealand’s first Asian immigrants and descendants and the issues facing Chinese New Zealanders. Jacinda clearly wants division and strife in our communities and as anyone still silly enough to read Stuff knows, they’re determined to deliver it for her.

Compulsory funding from taxpayers is not enough. Stuff has no shame asking you for donations.

Just to rub it in, Stuff also received $591,465 for something outrageously called The Whole Truth  which is a project designed to “counter misinformation where it occurs about Covid-19”. Stuff and the truth? Yeah right.

An amount of $806,135 went to the politically suitable outlet Newsroom who produce a podcast called the The Detail (how many people listen to that one wonders). All you people out there who didn’t receive any money for your podcast, well, you’re clearly not talking about the things the govt wants you to talk about.

So now you know where the money you were forced to contribute to the politically corrupted NZ media went. $9.6 million down, $45.4 million to go.

Update- an example of where your hard earned taxes are going. Weird how these people have no shame relating to the fact that they’re being funded by compulsory govt decree, and not by people who actually want to fund them.


  • I do wonder just how few people will see, realise and appreciate what’s going on with all this?
    Meanwhile . . .
    Off to support the rural community, tomorrow.


    • Yeah, me too. I’m picking it will be big ie the Howl of Protest. Thank God for the farmers, the only group in NZ it seems, with the balls to stand up and say ENOUGH!


  • Well done Red keep the pressure on these leeches

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  • Media’s power is the ability to control people, basically through fear. Making money (capitalism) is not the game anymore. The game is an open war to get as much propaganda power back from the internet that they can. The we are witnessing the unedifying scramble. Labours ham-fisted open bribe is ridiculous. An open and obvious corruption. They are ugly drunk on power, and over extended.