NZ media blind to Cuba uprising

Searching through NZ’s mainstream media sources its impossible to find a report on one of the greatest events for freedom in modern times, and that is the beginnings of a revolution against 62 years of totalitarian communist rule in Cuba.

Hero of the Cuban revolution and leftists everywhere was mass murderer Che Guevara

The ranting reds at Radio NZ reported on revolutionary events in South America, but it was just some feeble left wing propaganda from a communist activist who retweets Giovanni Tiso and relating to

“regular people from Mexico, Argentina and Colombia who complete with costumes, and masks which also help to protect from Covid-19, galvanize their communities to defend themselves against everything from police brutality to corporate greed”

Momentous right? Yet we have a real uprising in Cuba and Radio NZ can’t find the space for it.

Nothing on TV One, Stuff or in The Herald. I guess they think its too damaging to their Princess Jacinda, to report on regular people from Cuba who are finally rebelling against the political status Ms Ardern wants for New Zealand.

Radio NZ does a rural segment and can’t even report on the biggest event in NZ farming in decades, and that is the Groundswell protest that is occurring tomorrow.

What a bunch of reds run NZ media, and what a disgrace they are to the profession of journalism.