Corin Dann at Radio NZ proves Judith Collin’s point on free speech

In the interview below, Judith’s point is that anyone who speaks out against the govt is called a racist or extremist by Jacinda’s allies, and Corin Dann while opposing this view, inadvertently proves her right.

In a typical Red Radio rant session, listeners were denied a discussion of the real issues because Mr Dann couldn’t get over the minor matter that National had asked Don Brash to help fund their billboard campaign. “Oooh, aaah, emails had been discovered, would you believe”!

Ms Collins explained to Dann that she was happy to receive funding from any source, and that it was important that they get the billboards up to send the message that its OK to criticise the govt, and that people should not be labelled a racist or extreme for venting that criticism.

So what’s Mr Dann’s tack? He sails right into it by implying Don Brash is some kind of racist extremist and that by asking him to help fund her billboard campaign, Collins was a like racist extremist by association.

Making Ms Collin’s point exactly. There she was saying that anyone who criticises the govt is labelled a bad person, and there was Corin Dann doing exactly what he says doesn’t happen.

It gets worse. Dann’s disbelief caused him to ask for examples. Yes, he really could not think himself of any example of someone being shut down or cancelled. Judith quickly reminded him of how Dr Brash had been banned from a speaking event at Massey university. She could have mentioned how Dr Basset was fired from the NZ Herald. Or how Sean Plunkett and Radio Magic parted ways.

The non-extremist Maori Party leader Rawiri Waititi

Its even worse again. Don Brash is rated an extremist by Radio NZ for wanting the law to be race and colour blind. Listening to their interviews with Maori Party leader Rawiri Waititi, its impossible to find one reference to extremism from any Radio NZ presenter.

Get it?  Dr. Brash is extreme for wanting true equality. Waititi who only received 1.2% of the vote is normal for wanting to set aside democracy and the Westminster system and install a race based dictatorship. Only in the Through The Looking Glass world of Radio NZ leftism could such a thing be so.

Red Radio should have been made subscription only or preferably sold off years ago. Staffed by a collection of oafish communists, its intellectual contribution to NZ’s political debate is zero.


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  • The media s getting very sloppy and open with their reverse racism. Calling them out gets them flustered. Their immaturity really shows. If only we had real unbiased journalists like there were years ago