There’s no doubt the election was rigged, and Tucker says why

The US is in the grip of leftist corruption, and has been for sometime. The corruption was intensified during the Obama regime, and intensified again when the interloper Donald Trump unexpectedly won the 2016 election. Something the corrupting factions were unprepared for.

So after that things went really crazy, culminating in a fraudulent election. Tucker Carlson explains the whole process concisely in the must see video below. Tucker’s monologue is derived from a series of tweets written by one Darryl Cooper and contained in a thread of 35 tweets here. Its the first time Tucker has ever based his monologue so completely on a twitter posting.

You’ll never see anything like the video below in NZ media.

The saga outlined by Mr Cooper is not just the reason so many believe the 2020 election was rigged. It also alerted millions of Conservatives to just how astonishingly rotten the political status quo was right across the western hemisphere. No one with a brain will ever trust incumbent govt or their conniving partner bureaucracies again. Not until they’re thoroughly purged of the long march infiltrators who control them today.

The force with which Conservatives’ trust in govt was destroyed was so compelling it altered the way many see government forever. Its also the reason why so many are mistrustful of the Covid-19 epidemic today.

Trust may return someday for some, but not for a long long time yet.

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