Nats Chris Penk criticises wokeness in NZ Defence Force

The NZ National Party is made impotent by means of being infested with left wing drones. Chris Penk isn’t one of them, and if Judith Collins ever decides to quit, Mr Penk should take over. He’s light years ahead of the media’s favourite, the painfully woke progressive Christopher Luxon.

Mr Penk appeared on the Australian TV channel Sky News a day ago, with Peta Credlin. Its a measure of how infinitely bad NZ media is that TV from another country is the only show worth watching. Mr Penk took a stand for the NZ soldier who has been treated so badly by a politically corrupted NZ Army.

After being adjudged the winner of an Army essay writing contest, a soldier only known as Mr N Dell had his win invalidated on the instructions of Minister of Defence Peeni Henare who of course reports directly to Jacinda Ardern. They didn’t like the content of his essay which was a discussion on the pros and cons of the Army’s diversity policy and concluded that there were probably better things for the Army to be concerned with.

Not many NZers watch Sky, so here is Mr Penk with Peta Credlin doing a stirling job defending Mr Dell’s right to freedom of expression and delivering some well needed criticism of Defence wokeness.

Chris Penk is shadow Attorney General and National party spokesman for Courts, Defence & Veterans

Chris Penk is no ordinary politician. He joined the NZ Navy in 2000, and spent time as an officer of the watch on the HMNZS Te Kaha. He also worked at Government House as aide-de-camp to the Governor-General in 2003. He later joined the Australian Defence Force and served in submarines, being appointed navigating officer of HMAS Sheean in 2006, and was stationed in the Northern Arabian Gulf in late 2007.

Chris returned to New Zealand in 2008 where he completed his legal training. This culminated in his admission to the bar in 2010 and working as staff solicitor in Auckland. In late 2015 he established his own firm, leaving Ong & Penk Lawyers behind in late 2017 to enter Parliament.

Its a far different career path to Chris Luxon, who was busy doing back slapping deals with communist Chinese dictators and turning Air New Zealand into his own little domain of wokedom. Watch Mr Penk, but also watch those who try to bring him down. It will tell you who those people are in the National party who should really be in the Labour party.

Read the essay the Army tried to ban.


  • Chris Penk’s valid criticism of the NZ Defense Forces rejection of the winning essay that came last. Where can I get a copy of the said winning essay thanks