Farmers have the power to stop it all

When Green Party leader James Shaw says we don’t need any local version of France’s “Yellow vest” protests, you can pretty much bet your house that is exactly what we need.

The Yellow Vests were a watershed political movement in France and their major success was in taking the microphone away from elitist green leftists and putting it back in the hands of the working and productive classes.

That is why Shaw dreads a similar protest movement rising in New Zealand. He doesn’t want his own microphone taken from him by real New Zealanders who will suffer the most from his economically damaging climate change policies. The MSM reports Shaw as saying-

“…the experience of France was important: the country had high enthusiasm for addressing climate change but a large growth in carbon taxes ended up sparking nationwide “Gilet Jaunes” or yellow-vest protests. A NZ government that sparked similar protests would lose social licence and be forced to halt any plans to address climate change.

Read that last sentence again. Shaw is admitting that a large scale offensive by farmers would cause the govt to lose social license and halt its plans to address climate change. Because he’s a global communist/ Marxist Shaw thinks this is bad, but real people, farmers most of all, must see this as an ideal outcome.

So we the people must support farmers, and urge them to upscale their fight against green insanity. Farmers themselves must also back the protest groups that are springing up frustrated at the Federated Farmers organisation and their cronyist style complicity in Labour’s dictatorial assault on farming.

One such protest group is Groundswell NZ, who are the prime organisers of next weeks nationwide protests, called “The Howl of Protest”. Shaw referred to them as “a group of pakeha farmers down south spreading misinformation”. The word “misinformation” is in the Green Party lexicon a code word for truth.

Another group is the Agricultural Action Group, who take a more holistic approach and are attacking the global forces and UN covenants that direct the govt’s policy making decisions. Both groups have authentic and coherent protest platforms.

The Labour/Green/left movement has already launched attacks on these groups and will be doing all they can to discredit and disrupt their protests. Look out for the usual lying and cheating and cowardly misrepresentation that are always the preferred tactics of the left and their end justifies the means dogma.

Support Groundswell NZ and AAG all you can. They may not realise it yet, but like the Yellow vests in France, they have the power to stop Jacinda’s Green Left Separatist juggernaut in its tracks.


  • The UN Sustainable Development programs have spent the past 20 years cultivating NZ Federated Farmers, including hosting their leadership at UN Sustainable Ag workshops in California and around the world. As such, NZFF has learned all the talking points that get used by Conservatives (RINOS in America/Tory in UK) to advocate nefariously for Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050. In California, we have “Climate Mayors” who are “Republicans” but really RINOS. The Good News is that enough rational Kiwi, farmers and non-farmers alike, have access to the counter talking points exposing UN Agendas targeting the end of farming to enable Elite control of food supply that last year at a David Seymour event in Epsom, audience members challenged the speaker. They let her know they don’t agree with her talking points. One man asked how David would help with Farmer Suicide Prevision in NZ.

    Further proof UN Sustainable Development goals are imbued within the Sustainable Ag branding and reputation New Zealand farmers have honed the last 2 decades, a former NZFF president just got the Queen’s award: “Hawke’s Bay farmer and environmentalist Bruce Wills believes his Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours List is recognition of the work the farming community is doing to preserve the environment. Mr Wills, who was National President of Federated Farmers from 2011 to 2014, received the ONZM for services to agriculture and the environment.”

    So if the Green Party is feeling nervous, it’s because in additional to imported Portland Antifa and Mexican Communists in their mist, the UN Sustainable Development lobby is activating its farmers – see the past 20 years of evolution among leadership talking points within NFF.

    As long as Mike Bloomberg’s C40 Cities/Global Green USA mole, Matt Petersen, influences New Zealand urban planning policy, through his Edmond Hillary Institute Fellowship geared to end farming, New Zealand farmers lack the resources to fight back. Source:

    Mrs. Michael Baker is an urban planning subject matter expert with a Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture from New Zealand’s Nutri-Tech Solutions.


  • Very well written


  • How about Cindy’s words
    “Team of one million”


  • The situation we are in is 100% responsibility of the Green Party, PCE report totally sidelined by James Shaw the only reason planting exotic and alien pines across our landscape is the current solution, is because of the green party policy and the ETS in the form that it is. The Government doesn’t have strongly articulated narrative, putting all parts of the pain of climate mitigation for example, on James Shaw’s (vis a vis, the green) shoulders. If the Green Party change direction government must follow. This is especially true in terms of farmland going into pine to allow emitters to offset. What a joke, chokeing off an important source of income to plant bloody trees so people don’t have to change their behaviours


    • I hear recently a police officer in the Netherlands states conspiracy theories are opiones opposed to government policy, wow the bar is very low.


  • Where and when is the meeting point for north Canterbury rally


  • Go to Groundswell website click on the facebook link and the people for North Canterbury are there. Theres about 8 of them covering that large area.