Federated Farmers needs new leadership

The President of Federated Farmers has been severely critical of a new farm group. The Agricultural Action Group (AAG) was described as “unsettling and unhelpful” by Otago Federated Farmers President Mark Patterson after he attended one of their meetings in Balclutha last Wednesday.

Statement from the AAG “About” web page

Mr Patterson was accompanied by Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan, once a member of the NZ First party, who stated the AAG group was using valid concerns to push “wild conspiracy theories”. He said this presented a “false narrative” of the current situation.

The 200 people at the meeting were concerned about the United Nations Agenda 21 and what Mr Cadogan described as a “shadowy global cabal dictating to our government”. Yesterday the group held another meeting in Gore that attracted 160 people and over 260 attended a meeting in Moutere a couple of weeks ago. These are good numbers for a group that is described as “conspiracy theorists”.

An objective observer can go to their website and decide for themselves if AAG are as far out there as Messrs Mark Patterson and Bryan Cadogan claim. Or that same observer can go the Federated Farmers website, where one could be forgiven for thinking they’d landed on a page run by some group associated with the Green Party. Perhaps its not the AAG group that need to be put under the microscope but Federated Farmers.

If FF were doing their job, its hardly likely that an alternative group would be attracting such numbers to their meetings. Agenda 21 is of course no “conspiracy theory”. Its a real thing, (although now goes by the name Agenda 2030) and as AAG state has been used to model much of the environmental legislation drafted by government, local and national.

As for the “shadowy global cabal”, AAG are right about this too, and its led by the United Nations who has as its own leader António Guterres, who just happened to spend as many years in the International Union of Socialist Youth as Jacinda Ardern did, and has led various hard left socialist political parties since the start of his political career in 1974. Global socialism is real too and its objective is to destroy the sovereignty of nation states and eventually allow the United Nations to guide and direct all govt policy making across the globe.

Is this Federated Farmers or some cronyist faction of the Green Party?

This is not a conspiracy theory. All you need to do is read the documentation associated with each group. Or if you like read the agenda for the International Union of Socialist Youth, (download link below) which both Jacinda Ardern and António Guterres helped author. It is a blueprint for turning our pluralistic western democracies into one party socialist states subservient to the UN.

Federated Farmers are an impotent group apparently run by Green Labour party sympathisers. Its no wonder there is dissatisfaction with their failure to stand up for the rural sectors against the monolithic threat of global socialism and its main facilitator, the climate change myth.

Note: There are other farming groups with a similar intent to AAG. Groundswell NZ (referred to as “Pakeha farmers” by James Shaw) exists in Southland, and have organised the “Howl of Protest” meetings for next Friday. Federated Farmers is apparently not part of the protest. FF needs to buck its ideas up or people may start thinking its an organisation run by green left infiltrators. There appears to be more than a few farmers who already think that.

IUSY Global Political Manifesto






  • Thank you for a great article!


    • Thanks for the kind words Mr Wilson and great work you are doing. So good to see the farmers finally fighting back. Hope you can grow as big and influential as the farming community in France. (And take no notice of the sell-outs supporting the corrupt status quo!).


    • Having been to an AAG meeting myself I was impressed. They had a guy talk simple sense and science regarding the global warming hog wash. And the agenda 21 or 2030 communists take over, all fact based easy to look up and find out who the real nutters are. Problem is FF care very little for the farmers and facts as we can see by the way they with out checking sling horse shit. FF may be defunded one day? and all the fat cats can go get a real job elsewhere. They sooner the farmers stop funding them the better, they like the enemedia are the enemy of farmers.