Politically corrupt courts and police management root cause of Waiheke assault

A protester property invader was kicked in the head by a security guard (see video below) as she repeatedly tried to climb from the water onto a dock being used to construct a marina on Waiheke island. This is big news on Red Radio New Zealand, because its an event they think will swing public sympathy towards the protesters property invaders.

The protesters property invaders were attempting to trespass the construction site, and had already been pushed back into the water by security guards many times. They were trying to reemerge from the water and once more occupy the dock. A security guard tired of the struggle kicked a man in the forehead in the process.

No one likes to see this kind of violence, but the root cause of it is a justice system totally infiltrated by left wing activists, judges who will not protect private property but again and again and again give soft treatment to so called environmental protesters. The message they have sent over and over is trespassers will not be prosecuted.

The protesters property invaders at Waiheke are trespassing on private property, but they have been given licence to do so by these activist judges and similar political actors in police management. It is a police and justice system job to protect against property invasion, but they refuse to do it, so private security guards are employed and things get out of hand.

Its just another sign of New Zealand’s collapse into the lawlessness and social disorder that always accompanies a socialist take over of a country. If we had objective judges, who were protecting private property rights, and real police management, who knew that the people they arrested would be properly dealt with, then the protesters property invaders wouldn’t be at Waiheke storming privately owned premises.

Instead we have a situation where far left protesters property invaders think they have the high moral ground and will suffer no consequences and therefore have no respect for private property and the rights that normally go with it.

Like many such projects in New Zealand, the Waiheke marina build went through a high cost ten year process before finally being approved. This process involved hundreds of environmental requirements, and the courts have judged that the marina builders are in compliance. The marina is an environmentally sound project.

This isn’t good enough for the lawless left wing driven activists of Greenpeace and their associates. So they use violence and property invasion to try and stop the project.

Why wouldn’t they? The courts, the upper police management, and activist judges have told them for years they have every right to do so and if by any chance the police do arrest some of them, they will suffer no serious penalty.

That this has led to a situation where one of them gets kicked in the head by a security guard is no surprise. No surprise at all. Its the expected outcome of a rotten justice system and a rotten police force both infiltrated and managed by FITH left wing activists.


  • Cattle prod time?


  • It’s worse than that, because if these totally unqualified hippies with the luxury of not having to work for a living actually get on the construction site and injury themselves then WorkSafe will investigate and at a minimum cause the company additional compliance burden.
    In other words a completely deliberate situation where you can’t win.