Wokeness threatens effectiveness of NZ’s armed forces

Most western defence forces have been infiltrated by the rot of wokeism. New Zealand is no exception, and its a serious security issue.

A soldier entered an Army essay competition and won it. However when Defence Chiefs were appraised of the essay’s content, a critique of wokeism and the damage it was doing to the Army’s ability to defend the country, they hid it from sight and said they had made a major mistake.

Defence Minister Peeni Henare does what his boss jacinda Ardern tells him to do

The essay, (download link below) titled Can the Army Afford to go Woke, Benign Social Progress or National Security Threat, won in the “private writing category”. However wokists in the Army complained so shrilly about the essay’s contents they were heard by Defence Minister Peeni Henare.

Henare, who is basically just Jacinda Ardern’s puppet, said he told Defence Force chief Air Marshal Kevin Short yesterday that “we’re better than that, and have values that don’t align with the essay.”

In a statement, Army Chief Major General John Boswell accepted the decision to award the piece first place was an error. He says the essay won because it was well-written, but the views are not compatible with the army’s values. He said

“it has been made clear to me that publishing this essay was viewed as undermining both the inclusive culture we are seeking and the work that is being done across all ranks to effect this change – work that is incredibly important, not just to me but to our organisation.”

NZ Defence force senior staff need to watch Tucker Carlson and his guest, decorated military veteran Sean Parnell and listen to Sean’s comments on similar events in the US armed forces. Its time to get wokeness out of our Defence forces and return them to their primary role of defending us against international threats. There is no wokeness in the Communist Chinese Armed Forces.

The essay has been taken down and an apology rests in its place. You can download the essay here. Read it and come to your own conclusion. Here’s the writer’s final paragraph.

I appreciate that if this piece were to win the writing competition, the optics may not be as desirable as one expressing the opposing viewpoint. I also understand that attracting recruits, public opinion and therefore, potentially, funding may depend on those optics. These considerations may in themselves necessitate the adoption of Diversity and Inclusion policies. However, I challenge the NZ Army to draw on its ‘3CI’ values and to continue to have the courage to do the thankless work of defending a nation that often may not appreciate the security it provides. To allow itself to become embroiled in these ‘culture wars’ would be an embarrassment, especially to the older generation of veterans and to the memory of those who paid the ultimate price. The Army should stick to fighting real wars.

Well said Mr N. Dell, whoever and wherever you are.


  • I hope his career doesn’t suffer for telling the truth as he sees it.


  • All this woke rubbish and being more inclusive bullshit will last till the first bullets start flying. Then you will see all these idiot’s that wanted to be included baiing out asap.


    • Overseas we have politicians and armed forces personnel and media speaking against this dangerous trend, but as is so often the case, we have silence in New Zealand. Nothing from any of those sources. Its all a one way street in this dopey Marxist controlled backwater.

      Ron Mark (NZ First) appointed this commander and he also started a lot of this stuff, for example turning our armed forces into guardians of the climate. Honestly, the dopey drongoes that make it into govt here are just astonishing.


      • Have to make a correction to the above. See this morning that Chris Penk of National and James MacDowall of ACT have both published press releases critical of Peeni Henare for interfering in this issue. Good for them.


  • It is nonsense, and totally outside what the organisation should be doing.
    However, is no worse than decades of bad procurement practice and defence underspending because of all the welfare spending that is always No1 priority in NZ.


  • NZ is a mirror image of USA, Canada France, the list goes on, politically. Of all the changes being shoved through, the most frightening is hate speech legislation . Should that succeed, we’re stuffed. Try and tell me this rapid marxist march isn’t all about one world governance.


    • Check out my latest article (on Federated Farmers). At the bottom of the article is a link to the Global Political Manifesto of the International Union of Socialist Youth. Both Jacinda Ardern and the current head of the United Nations António Guterres had a hand in authoring it. Its basically a blueprint for turning every one of the west’s pluralistic democracies into one party socialist states.