In fighting in the Green party is only about process

Jimmy Shaw is being challenged as co-leader of the Green Communist Party. The guy who wants his job is not more communist or less communist than Jimmy, he just disagrees on the party being in an agreement with the Labour govt.

Jimmy Cockle

His name is Jimmy Cockle, and what he wants is for the party to be outside government, thereby giving them the means to criticise Ardern for inaction, something they can’t really do at present. Cockle believes being forthright in criticism of Labour will win the party more votes.

The Alinsky operative Shaw has a more long term view, in that he believes the party needs some establishment credibility, money in the bank and an authoritative voice and that is what will eventually win it more votes.

They’re both as radical as each other. Shaw believes in concealing his radicalness under a cloak of conformity, while Cockle believes it should be in the open. That’s all the difference is, but its a difference that has been gnawing at the party for sometime, and has now come to a head.

What’s best for New Zealand? Apart from the Greens Commies disappearing altogether that is. Some would view the fracturing of the current alliance as beneficial to anti-Labour forces. More and harsher criticism from the extreme left will help drive the party into factional infighting, and that’s got to be a good thing, and its always where the left end up anyway. A bit of a shove to hurry them along the road to this destination will not do any harm.

There is another aspect and that is that many dopey voters vote for Shaw because they have been fooled by his moderate act. Those voters probably will not vote for someone who is more out there on green radicalism. So this could have a real impact upon the next election.

Do the Greens communists have the nous to think this through? Of course they do not. So the odds are that Shaw will be replaced, or if not it will be a close call. Right here, we’re cheering for Cockle. The more dissent on the extreme left, and the further out there they seem to NZ voters, the less votes they’ll draw from the center. So go for it Mr. Cockle. After all, they say honesty is always the best policy.