The anatomy of a fake news item

The newsroom at TV One is staffed by a group of green left political activists who put their activism first and journalism a distant second. Almost every news item they publish is subtly distorted to advantage Labour and the Greens and disadvantage the National Party and ACT.

This morning they published a news item on the matter of the Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt “donating” taxpayer money to a criminal group. Mr Hunt is extremely left wing and a one time associate of the anti-semitic ex UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Therefore someone the TV One newsroom perceives as a protected class.

National leader Judith Collins has criticised Mr Hunt’s donation saying he should be a lot more careful with public money, and he especially should not be giving it to associations known to indulge in criminal drug distribution and other illegal activity.

TV One’s report on this issue was a typical example of the way they slant their reporting. They attempted to distract from Ms Collin’s main point by clouding the issue and conflating it with seemingly innocuous events. Overall, the item subtly favoured Mr Hunt and softly ridiculed Ms Collins.

The article downplayed the two main factors, the use of taxpayer money and the criminality of the recipients, and attempted to portray the “donation” as just another example of koha- something that is done every day and has been done for a long time. Ms Collins was only “playing politics” by complaining. However this is not about individuals by their own choice giving koha from their own resources to legitimate Maori tribes. Its about taxpayer money going to a gang of crooks!

Watch the video to see the distortions and biases highlighted. Its disgraceful and unfair, but TV One do it all the time, and its why they need to be sold off. They cannot report events objectively and constantly slant news to their political preferences. John Campbell is perhaps the worst offender, a completely unprofessional fake newser, but he is far from alone.

The National party never seem to learn, but one hopes the next time they are elected to power they sell off or even close down all govt owned media in NZ, and stop every last dollar of funding going to the so called private sector media. The current lot of frauds must be stopped in the name of democracy, and one hopes that a new era of professional and objective news reporting will rise from their ashes.

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  • Salacious Crumb

    Another example in today’s Horrid. Ignore the Reid poll showing support for Labour diving but rather focus on the UMR (aka the Labour Prtt poll) and its preferred PM ratings. I don’t have to like the country’s representatives; I just want to believe that they are competent – a word that this current clown show government could ever be accused of being.