Surely Ardern is misleading the house?

“I would ab-sol-lute-ly reject that” was Jacinda Ardern’s response in the NZ parliament to a question from Judith Collins. (see video below) The National Party leader asked –

“What does she say to people concerned her $55 million public interest journalism fund that includes numerous criteria for media to adhere to is influencing the editorial decisions of media outlets in New Zealand?”

Ardern’s answer to the question was accompanied by guffaws from smug Treasurer Grant Robinson in an obvious attempt to ridicule and downplay the importance of the Ms Collin’s questions. (see video below) The ploy backfired, instead signifying that the question had hit Ardern hard, along with others that were asked by Judith and David Seymour during the supplementaries.

There is no question the fund does indeed do what Ms Collin’s question implied. You can read further on this issue and download the document outlining the conditions for funding at this article from May the 10th. The document makes it very clear that journalism funded under the scheme must

“actively promote the principles of Partnership, Participation and Active Protection under Te Tiriti o Waitangi acknowledging Māori as a Te Tiriti partner.”

If this is not a political instruction then what the hell is? it seems fairly clear Jacinda Ardern misled parliament and lied to the NZ people. She should be confronted with the document tomorrow in question time, acknowledge her incorrect answer, and be made to apologise.

Ardern went on to truculently suggest if Ms Collins doubted her answer she should ask the media. Yes she really did. Such utter nonsense. As if the media who in the main won’t even report on her latest collapse in the polls would ever admit to anything that embarrassed both themselves and the PM.

Note: There is no way the current media will publicize this event. The only way people will learn about it is through the internet. If you read this, please link this article to as many sources as you can. 


  • 100% Truth ! 💯

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  • They won’t bite the hand that feeds them taxpayers’ money, so the NZ Moronstream Media will remain mute. Despite the instruction in the fund criteria to:

    * Hold power (in its various forms) to account.

    Yeah, right.

    Somewhere in the fine print, footnotes or appendices will likely be found another asterisk.

    * Excludes the NZ The government.

    Of course!


  • What I can’t fathom is the limp and useless angle of the question from ‘crushed’ Collins. What did she not table a copy of the criteria from the governments-self-interests journalism fund and posit from there? Would’ve been more awkward from Comrade Cindy to dodge the hail of bullets, then.