Responding to the far left Twitterati

The thing about getting kicked off Twitter is how your ideological opponents suddenly surface and start taking potshots. Typical of this cowardice is the tweet below, from a guy who has never got over having his cover blown. For years Mr Brown posed as an objective observer of NZ politics, (on his show Mediawatch) when in fact he was always just another mealy mouthed progressive/ liberal/communist.

In Singapore, a country with the most free economy in the world, the death penalty is applied by a democratically elected govt. Its supporters see it as something that needs to be used sparingly and only in cases where the offender’s guilt is beyond question.

Brenton Tarrant for example should have been put to death, as should anyone found guilty of mass murder or any killing where there is a complete absence of doubt. Not for revenge, but because it gives the moral ceiling that New Zealand (for example) lacks. It says the state will enforce law and order, and more importantly protect life, the most important commodity of all, by punishing those whose crimes prove they do not value it.

However it was never just about the death penalty. Most discussion around Singapore in New Zealand rests on what we perceive as its authoritarian style of govt. The real issue though is Singapore’s continuing economic success compared to NZ’s floundering economy, collapsing standard of living and the growth of a massive underclass of welfare dependents, broken families, thieves and drug addicts.

The pro-hate speech Mr Brown sneers at Singapore’s housing policies, but its not the country suffering from massive housing shortages and an exponential growth in homelessness. With many such homeless people currently shoved into motel and hotels at exorbitant taxpayer expense.

Singapore is not the country with unsafe streets. Singapore is not the country with a massive welfare bill. Singapore is not the country having to free prisoners from jails because it can’t afford to keep them there.

One of the main reasons for this success is that Singaporeans are well housed and their family units are intact. Why? What’s the reason for these stark differences?

Singapore it what it is today because of Lee Kuan Yew, who over the years guided Singapore to success and at the root of that success was his special understanding of communists and the means they use to infiltrate and destroy societies. He kept hard leftists like Russell Brown from voting in subversives like Jacinda Ardern. As a result of Lee’s efforts, his country flourished while NZ sunk into a morass of welfare, crime and drug use.

In 2019, Assistant Professor Ng Kok Hoe of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy led a study that found there were between 902 and 1050 homeless people in Singapore, and mostly in that circumstance because they were mentally unstable and just wanted to be homeless.

New Zealand’s homeless numbers are estimated at 50,000, the highest proportion of any country among wealthy OECD nations. This while NZ’s socialist govt as personified by Jacinda Ardern pulls out all stops to prevent homelessness.

Finally, the wider picture of Singapore’s success and New Zealand’s relative failure is the stark difference in their relative political viewpoints. Crystallized down to the most important concepts, it is New Zealand’s belief that the state is paramount and Singapore’s opposing belief in the family. That is why we’re going down and they’re going up. We were once far ahead of Singapore, but our descending path crossed over their ascending path sometime in the late nineteen sixties.