Get in your National MPs face and tell them to stop surrendering to the left!

If there is one thing that irritates the hell out of a lot of Conservatives its being reminded of how easy it has been for the left to complete their long march through the institutions.

Education has been in serious decline for years, while NCEA passes increased. How does that work? And the National Party clearly did nothing to stop it.

Education (for example) is only one of the institutions they have infiltrated and ruined. Millions of people across the west know that education is a far left basket case. Yet nothing seems to change.

A parent sent a letter to Australian broadcaster Alan Jones on this issue. That letter is transcribed here because it encapsulates so brilliantly and succinctly the way many feel over how the left have prevailed, and how they manage to still prevail, even when so many know what is really going on. The letter-

It was educational to witness live online classes children participated in during the lockdown last year. Primary school children reciting lengthy ditties insulting Tony Abbott and Donald Trump but when asked to name the mayor of their council, their State Premiere or Prime Minister of Australia, they have a blank look on their face.

A few brave individuals are fighting a rear guard action, but I fear the battle is almost over. Business leaders, politicians, the public servants, the courts and educational facilities have all been captured or surrendered to the left.

It is embarrassing and depressing to watch and listen to President Biden, Boris Johnson, our Prime Minister, the French and Canadian Prime Ministers waffling on about climate change and Covid-19 while our countries and our way of life are imploding.

Very little in that letter to disagree with. It is infuriating to see how the left have wormed their way in everywhere, but its is even more infuriating to suddenly realise that the people we elected to stop them have done in fact very little in that battle, and are more often seen assisting the left instead of confronting them.

How long is it since you have heard any National Party MP use the word “Communist”? Even the word “socialist” is only heard infrequently. They’re too damn timid to utter these words when their founding principles specifically instruct that they must oppose such ideas.

We can blame the National party for their weak capitulation, but the truth is they are like that because we vote for them and we tolerate their weakness. There is only one way out of this mess and that is to tell them we have had enough.

Get in your MP’s face and make sure they understand. They must stop listening to the media, and the weak fake “right wing” commentariat who won’t speak truth because if they do they won’t be invited back. They must listen to us, the people, They have not been listening. Not for a long time. So let’s resolve to do better ourselves, and make them hear us.

The left must not only be stopped, they must be turned back, and removed from every one of the institutions they have captured.

Video excerpt from movie “Network”- “I’m mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore!”


  • I keep hearing about the rumblings from the ‘silent majority,’ but I see nothing tangible happening.

    Annual Edicts: Left wing BS in excess
    Annual Expenditure: Nothing done
    Result: misery

    Annual Edicts: Left wing BS in excess
    Annual Expenditure: Full strength repudiation
    Result: less misery


    • Expected when the RBNZ has printed up 30% of GDP and thrown it at the housing market. People feel rich. I had to laugh the other day at the 1.6% GDP growth figure media types were touting. If you’re going to throw an additional 30% of GDP at the economy, plus all the extra government spending you better hope that the growth figure is positive. This issue is this how can this be recurring.