Communists protest the weapons systems that keep us free

Its galling to know these Green Communist party termites are being paid around $170K per year while they run around not only ignoring their duties as an MP but also undermining the military forces that protect their right to protest.

Its even worse when they are an MP who was once apprehended as member of the Urewera ranges terrorist training group and who has also spent time studying the communist system in Cuba. Teanu Tuiono is protesting Rocket Lab’s launching of American military satellites. He says –

“Launches from Māhia have carried at least 13 payloads for US military or intelligence agencies. The Government has a responsibility to make sure technologies sent into orbit from New Zealand soil do not assist other countries’ armies to wage war.”

What this insipid arrogant commie needs to do is get on a plane to Russia, or China, or Nth Korea, and protest similar launches in those countries. Hang on, no, he won’t do that! Why not?

Tuiono facebook artwork

Because its only the democratic west that affords him the freedom to protest as he does, and if he tried it in any of the totalitarian countries mentioned, he’d be jailed or even shot without ceremony. He knows that too.

So how do we remain free, and able to protest, and keep those forces at bay who would take our freedoms if they could? With China in particular being belligerent at this time, and expanding military bases into the South Pacific and the Pacific rim?

We rely on our armed forces and treaties and alignments with like free nations, that include Australia and America. Yet Communist MP Mr Tuiono wants to deny our allies the means to protect us by stopping key operations like satellite launches.

While he allows countries like China, North Korea, and Cuba, (that he visited with some communist friends a few years ago), free reign to launch whatever satellites they choose. Treacherous subversives like Mr Tuiono do not deserve to live in the free west.

NZ’s compromised left wing media is almost as bad. They always report in a style sympathetic to the protesters, and portray them as well intentioned conscientious objectors to an evil process. The usual inversion of reality.

Never do they draw attention to the yellow hypocrisy of the protesters in using freedom to destroy freedom.

NZ badly needs to get these vile people out of our parliament, and cease funding their media allies too. They’re not loyal to our country. Their true loyalty is to global communism.