Comedy ain’t funny since it became socialist propaganda

NZ comedy is about as funny as a ham sandwich at a Muslim picnic. Unless you’re a far left zealot who enjoys seeing every other political perspective mocked and berated.

There are so many so called comedians who push left wing propaganda it would be pointless to name them. Perhaps the most notable is Guy Williams, who like most of them feasts on taxpayer money from Creative NZ because he is too untalented to compete for audiences in the real world. Apart from the fact he’d have to find a new partner if his routine ever changed.

Tucker Carlson had a segment on this a few days ago, about how comedy in the US had likewise been captured by the left wing. The interesting thing is how some of them are awake to the fact that they’re annoying fifty percent at least of their potential audience and are starting to moderate their stance.

He discusses the issue with Clay Travis, the man who has taken over from Rush Limbaugh on radio. NZ’s pathetic bunch of left wing propagandists could learn a lot from this video, but its doubtful they’d ever watch anything on the Tucker Carlson show.

The irony is that when Tucker takes the piss out of the left, he’s far funnier than most professional comedians, especially the witless socialist goons in NZ.


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