Dept of Internal Affairs sucked in by left’s “white supremacist” subterfuge

The left love to cloak themselves in respectability, and to pretend they are mainstream. Its one of their favourite subterfuges. The idea is to lay a false trail, and get the mainstream population to follow it, and that’s what they’re doing with their “right wing extremist” or “white supremacy” drumbeat.

The idea is to drag the man in the street down into the left’s own maudlin ideological vortex, and sadly they often succeed. Cancel culture as applied to broadcasting outlets is a prime example. When the UK’s GB News launched its new channel the left mustered their forces and wrote numerous letters of complaint, convincing many corporates to pull out of advertising with the service.

However to their credit, many mainstream people wrote to the corporates too. Furniture retailer IKEA initially withdrew its advertising from GB News, but when it saw the complaints from its real customers who were appalled at the company’s failure to defend free speech, they asked to resume. GB News is still considering whether they want IKEA’s advertising. The key thing here is the left pretended to be the reasonable majority, but IKEA eventually saw through this pretense.

To change things to their political advantage, the left must persuade the majority to support them. Lenin stated “Create the appearance of popular support. Communism must be built with non-communist hands“. In accordance with this, the left must sugar coat their messages. Make the real objective unclear by shrouding it with something they think will attract mass support. Hence their “white supremacy” offensive.

NZ “extremist” accounts per social media platform. Authors give no examples of such accounts

Recently the Dept of Internal Affairs (DIA) commissioned a report from the “Institute for Strategic Dialogue” (ISD). The report titled “Understanding the NZ Online Extremist Ecosystem” (download link below) was written by Milo Comerford, Jakob Ghul and Carl Miller. They’re all on twitter, and you can read their timelines. They’re hard left ideologues who hate Donald Trump, cheered for his demise and were ecstatic to see Biden and his gang of far left extremists take the US presidency.

The report submitted to the DIA is a classic example of leftist strategy as outlined above. Its not quite as bad as Hitler being asked to give an objective analysis on why he murdered 6 million Jews, but its the same kind of thing.

What the ISD attempt to do is link those who support Trump (at least 90 million) to a myriad of other trends supported by a comparative few. They then link these trends to the “extreme right” and twist logic to say therefore Trump is “extreme right” and so are his supporters. A hollow weak subterfuge that the DIA would see through in an instant if they had any real idea of modern day politics.

Report author- “Trump has created millions of radicalized terrorists”

The report makes a meal of “conspiracy theories”, and examples the protest in the Capitol building, but ignores the part the FBI played in plotting and super-charging events. They ignore recent developments that prove the Covid19 virus came from a Chinese Lab. They ignore that recent detailed forensic audits of the 2020 election have exposed major fraud.

In an analysis of “right wing extremism” in NZ, ISD claim to have identified 192 such online accounts. Nowhere do they identify the accounts or give samples of posts. We’re obliged to take their word. To their credit, they do try to define extremism thus-

ISD has developed a definition to help guide its classification of extremism which is based on ‘social identity’: the active pursuit and advocacy of systemic political and societal change, to reflect an ideology that claims the supremacy of one ‘in-group’ over all ‘out-groups’ and propagates the dehumanisation of that out-group. This understanding of extremism forms the basis of this research.

A clear thinking and intelligent person would never write such an obviously double edged load of subjective BS, and this so called definition dispels any doubts anyone should have that this report is anything but biased left wing rubbish.

What happened to Lee Williams proves there is no “extremist” movement in NZ. Mr Williams has been stripped of his means to make a living and made a non-person at the hands of the powerful status quo, and no politician or group or radio or TV broadcaster or newspaper stood in his defence. Not one. Proving even if he was guilty as charged, there is no one with any power that could help him defend himself. There is no extremist movement in NZ that counts for more than a wet fart.

Report author cheers for tyranny

The claim there is an “extremist” threat is merely the same old leftist subterfuge, to draw the mainstream population down into their sick web of lies and their plot to eventually destroy every idea that opposes their own. Its ironic that so many of them are actually from the socio-religious sector that Hitler wanted to destroy, and they rightly hate him, but today they stupidly cheer for the exact totalitarian govt and state of tyranny that allowed Hitler to be the monster he was. Do they really think the far left are their friends?

The only way democracy will remain functional is if we support small weak govt, and make sure we keep the power of that govt in check so that it can never put people into cattle cars again and transport them to death camps, or suffocate hundreds of thousands with plastic bags over their heads because a bullet costs too much (Khmer Rouge).

One of the ways to protect our democracy from such a fate is to reject nonsense like the ISD report and not listen to the demented ravings of its misguided authors. We hope the NZ DIA has the sense to do this.

You can download a copy of the report here- NZ-Online-Extremism-Findings-Report