Tucker Carlson, Democrats have politicised FBI- NZ should heed this warning

There is a line in the show Les Miserables that pretty much describes the situation in the United States today, and unfortunately New Zealand too- “The law is inside out. The world is upside down”.

The previous article on this site talked of how the left wing narrative has captured the NZ Security Intelligence Service. That same narrative has also captured many other law enforcement agencies, including the Police.

The Tucker Carlson show today was one of the best he has ever presented, and deals with this same subject. How the FBI has been complicit in law breaking, and how they’re locking people up and even on occasions killing them (Ashley Babbitt) to such a degree that even Russian President Putin can rightly make embarrassing comments on the situation.

Carlson’s top rating show is watched by millions of people who are seeking truth. His opening monologue today is stunning in its accuracy and a must watch for anyone interested in the corruption of justice. The left are weaponising our institutions and using them against those they perceive as their political enemies.

Head of NZ SIS Rebecca Kitteridge should watch this. The left should watch it too, for if they had a skerrick of intelligence, they would know that the corrupt organisations they are setting up today could just as well be used against them in the future.