Lies lies lies lies from Jimmy Shaw and he gets away with it every time!

Of all the liars we are burdened with by way of politicians today, one of the absolute worst is Green Party leader Jimmy Shaw.

The first and perhaps biggest lie is that his party is “Green”. It is not. Its as red as any communist flag ever, and chock full of miscreants and misfits and Marxists and fantasists, and they will never “green” anything.

Even their name (Greens) is a lie. They’re primarily Marxist revolutionaries.

Everything they do think and say is destructive, and if we all stopped right now and did everything Green Party politicians said we should do, we would be enveloped in absolute ruin, and the environment would just be one of the casualties.

Its a demonstration of how dysfunctional and politically corrupt our media is today that Jimmie Shaw can lie his head off every time he’s interviewed and never once is he challenged on those lies.

Remember how Tova O’Brien was cheered by her peers for her interview with failed politician Jamie Lee Ross? “I going to stop you right there because you’re not telling the truth” asserted Tova with conviction. Yet she lets James Shaw sit in front of her and tell lie after lie after lie and never once pulls him up as she did Jamie Lee. Why are some lies rejected and others embraced?

That small object raising dust is one of the biggest bulldozers available, and its busy burying blades from derelict windmills

Tova is not by any means alone. Pretty much all of NZ’s media is guilty of the same negligence. Allowing “green” lies spoken by politicians and their private sector grant receiving cronies to proliferate and never challenging them.

Shaw claims in the interview with Tova (where she divulges she’s not proud to drive a ’91 V8) that fuel costs for an electric car are the equivalent of paying 40 cents a liter for petrol.

Tova let this stark arrogant lie slide past without a blink. The mathematics are irrefutable. Not only do EVs cost more, they depreciate twice as fast. The price of electricity is rising spectacularly as supply becomes short, and that will accelerate even faster once demand is increased by every Tom Jane and Harriet plugging in their Nissan Leafs.

There are no road user charges on EVs. There is no tax on their fuel (except for GST). There is no carbon tax. There is the inconvenience cost of short range driving only. There is the wait time for charging if you can’t do it at home overnight.

They say maintenance charges are lower, yet when the batteries are spent, the maintenance charges are so high its more economical to junk the car than fit new ones. These are just the start of the lies that underpin EV’s as a viable option to ICE (internal combustion engine) cars.

The next big lie is that they cut emissions. They do not, especially when they are run on electricity produced from burning coal. Production routines associated with rare earth elements needed for batteries produce enormous amounts of CO2. Neither are they “renewable”. These elements are already in short supply, yet if everyone was using them demand would be multiplied by millions over what it is today, and no doubt extinguished in a very short time.

There is the energy expended in transporting them. Batteries just by their weight defeat their own purpose, producing energy at the rate of 1000 Wh (watt hour) per kilogram compared to diesel at 13000 Wh per kilogram.

They are not recyclable. There is no suitable means to dispose of them. So Shaw’s arrogant claim that fuel costs are only 40 cents a liter and that by driving EVs you’re saving the planet are absolute rot.

Electric cars though are only the tip of the iceberg. If we wanted to, we could talk about “renewable” energy sources too as being a massive lie. They’re not renewable. The materials needed to make solar panels and windmills are in short supply. The manufacturing and construction processes produce massive amounts of CO2.

The panels and the windmills have limited life. There is no way to effectively dispose of the massive waste produced when solar and windfarms reach the end of their lives.

In fact its a lie that they’re even useful as power sources. They’re existence is made entirely superfluous by means of the need to have coal or gas or oil powered stations to produce power at night, or when the sun isn’t shining or when there is no wind. In fact, building renewable power supplies only aggravates the shortages that we’re already suffering from.

Mining lithium in Western Australia for use in “renewable” energy sources

One has to stop, for otherwise this article would be pages long and every page filled with a score of lies that NZ’s media allow to pass. Let’s finish with the one big lie that drives this whole avalanche of associated lies, and that is that weather is significantly effected by CO2 produced by man and as a result the earth is in danger of “dying” within the next few decades.

This is just superstitious nonsense. It has currency because the people we rely upon to protect us from just this sort of outrageous tyranny and dishonesty, mainly media and academia and our political class, have completely and utterly failed us.

The lies must be stopped. Truth must prevail, and it starts with speaking out against the massive worldwide fraud of climate change, and calling out charlatans like Jimmy Shaw.

See Jimmy Shaw snow Tova O’Brien in the video below. He also reveals the coming likelihood of massive subsidies for EV purchases, and isolating poor people from the effects of the expected increased power costs. (at least he admits cost increases are coming)

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  • The unassailable truth is that EVs merely replace pollution in our back yard with pollution in someone else’s. They tick the box that we NZders have’ done our bit’ to remove the wicked evil combustion engine. We can sup another chai latte and discuss, from the perspective of our new-found misguided high ground, the next world crisis and no doubt view that as equally easily solvable,

    The Greens naively look at the shiny new EVs in the show room and have no concept of the trail of destruction the planet has endured in getting them manufactured and delivered to that showroom. For every 1 barrel of oil used to make a conventional car, 8 barrels of oil are used to make an EV. To obtain enough rare earth elements to make one EV, 1000 tones of material has to be mined by a fleet of massive diggers, loaders and trucks. Indeed, the neodymium required for super-magnets for EV motors is obtained from the Dystopian Baotou region of Mongolia which has been the subject of many arguments against EV production. EVs are the ultimate con-trick – a cult mentality in the making.

    EVs appeal to people’s genuine desire to be tangibly saving the planet yet they hide their dirty mining and appalling production practices so well. Child labor exploitation in central Africa not to mention the plight of the Uyghur in China. None of this matters to the ignorant Greens because we will all be driving shiny new EVs and the world will thereby be a better place. The ultimate winner is big business of course but when the reality of EVs comes to roost, the only transport option left will likely be bicycles. This too will please the Greens immensely.

    The only solution is to put a stop to this EV nonsense and keep developing more efficient normal cars.

    As a final note, I noticed on TVNZ news tonight that Transport Minister Michael Wood stated that while some EVs were expensive others, such as the Nissan Leaf, were only $10k – really? Can anyone actually see a Leaf as a viable or affordable transport option for a Kiwi family?

    What a mess this all is!

    K. G. Dodds

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