Luxon will challenge for National lead sooner than later

The fix is in on Judith Collin’s replacement as National Party leader, but it needs to be stopped, because its a plan that will ultimately take the party even further left. At the heart of the operation is Christopher Luxon, who is working hard on the numbers, and expects to have them soon if Collin’s polling doesn’t improve.

Luxon had a good relationship with Ardern as head of her Business Advisory Council

If you’re wondering why Todd Muller has stayed on when anyone with an ounce of pride would have resigned after the last election, Luxon is part of the answer. He persuaded the green left Muller to hang around as he knew he would be a good ally in any leadership move.

Nick Smith was likely part of the faction too, but he was hoodwinked into resigning so well done there Ms Collins.

The looming threat of Luxon’s leadership bid is also the reason Collins has lately softened her stand on “Maori partnership” and “colonisation”. Its a move designed to reduce support for Luxon and perhaps improve her poll standing.

The key of course is the polls, and Luxon is anxious to get the timing right. He knows he has to act sooner than later as the nearer to the election it gets, the worse impact another change of leader will have on National’s vote. He also knows that he can’t wait too long and risk letting Collins consolidate her power. The dispatching of Smith will have increased Luxon’s sense of urgency.

Luxon was one of the elite group invited to dinner with Barack Obama during his visit to New Zealand

So if Collins gets another one or two bad polls, within the next month or two, Luxon will make his move. He’s backed by the left liberal media, who also hate Collins, so they will be doing all they can to destroy Collin’s poll ratings, and maneuver Luxon into a favourable place.

Why does the media want Luxon to lead National? Leaving aside their increasing dislike of Collins, they like him because he’s a lefty who is fully committed to the cause of climate change. (Note his boast in his maiden speech of how as CEO of Air NZ he electrified all their cars). Media will smooth the way for his takeover from Collins, and make sure he doesn’t suffer too badly in the aftermath.

His ally Muller is on good terms with the Green Party’s co-leader Jimmy Shaw so that gives an idea of where Luxon will want to take the party. He will say there is a need to “modernise” the party, and he is the man for the job.

The shame of this is if it happens it will be the death knell for Sid Holland’s party and the fine set of principles he founded it on. Luxon and his mates think there’s no market for such noble ideas in today’s New Zealand, and he will want to take a knee to the global warming scammers, radical Maori, mass immigration and the United Nations. Barack Obama, Boris Johnson and Joe Biden are his role models.

The modern day Nats have never articulated Hollland’s founding principles, or put up any kind of fight for them, so its not unusual that such ideas are being superseded by Marxist progressive dogma. People can’t vote for ideas they have never heard of.

If or when Luxon takes over it will significantly reduce our choices next election, as if those choices are not limited enough as it is.

Good news for ACT though. If only they could drop their support for the entirely  false market and cronyist concept of carbon trading they might be worth a vote.


  • Salacious Crumb

    Hard to find a party that represents all your views Baity but on the balance, ACT offer more center right values than National. I’m frankly disgusted at what National has become and the woke bullshit that emanates from a number of its MP’s. Luxon is a poor man’s Key – no where near as successful and far more left leaning which spells trouble. I could care less about his religious beliefs but I don’t for one moment believe he represents anything other than his own views and I say that as a voter in his electorate. Unless ACT can grow significantly to usurp this shell of a Conservative party, the only voice in NZ will be the radical left; then its game over. Collins needs to harden her stance and start purging the woke and bewildered from around her immediately. A dose of Winston wouldn’t hurt her either when it came to dealing with certain media; she needs to remember they aren’t her target market.

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    • Good comment Salacious and one I am generally in agreement with. The problem with ACT is they have consistently opposed Conservatism. David Seymour doesn’t know what it means. However I agree, even with that they’re a better option than National if Luxon becomes leader. FGS, he agrees with losers like Willie Jackson and Peeni Henare. How detached from reality can he be? Agree Collins should be more indifferent towards media, but the problem there is many of her comrades are in bed with them or at least trying to ingratiate themselves. Chris Bishop and Luxon himself for example.


  • From attendance at 2 May events hosted by David Seymour, ACT is more popular than ever. His What Will Auckland Look Like in 2030 event with Speaker Hamish Firth drew a diverse crowd I can’t imagine anyone from National attracting. In Epsom, we think Seymour has the best vision to be our PM. Has National been an opposition during Cindy’s terms? I would hope Simon O’Connor takes a more prominent role if supporting the Blue.


    • National has been too infiltrated by people who don’t have any allegiance to its founding principles. Its message is therefore chaotic and confused. Until it deals with this problems it will fail to attract the votes it needs to become a strong and effective party.


  • I don’t know who Sid Holland is. But I do know who David Seymour is.


    • Sid Holland was the founder of the National Party (1936). It took them 13 years to win an election but in 1940 Sid became PM. He remained PM and lead the party until he retired from illness in 1957.


  • Mathew Petersen

    How glorious Election night 2020 was as a youthful David jumped off a boat for his victorious entry from the harbor! Meanwhile, Shane Jones drank himself into a bloated mess on live TV, Judith Collins skipped hair and makeup, and Billy TK gave Jamie-Lee Ross dagger eyes while Vinny Eastwood livestreamed.

    I couldn’t help feeling bad for their adversaries to have ‘that’ motley crew to beat.