Where is media scrutiny of MPs who cuddled up to gangs?

What did they know and when did they know it? Labour MP Willie Jackson, Green MP Marama Davidson and extreme left Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt should be asked this question after the finale to Operation Trojan Shield yesterday.

Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt and Green MP Marama Davidson address the Mongrel Mob Kingdom

They all have ongoing and close relationships with the gangs targeted in the FBI operation, and if the media was doing its job, it should ask them whether they had any knowledge at all of the massive and extensive scale of criminal activity Operation Trojan Shield has uncovered.

Among those arrested were senior members of the Waikato Comancheros, Waikato Mongrel Mob and Head Hunters who were considered among the key leaders of organised crime groups. Other people on the arrest list are still to be located.

Waikato Comancheros and Waikato Mongrel Mob Kingdom members are alleged to have worked with offshore groups to import large quantities of methamphetamine and MDMA for distribution across New Zealand.

Hunt and Davidson had only a week before downplayed and attacked allegations of criminal activity by the gangs, saying such allegations were driven by “enduring and systemic racism” and were “stigmatising”.

Willie Jackson has met with Black Power three times and the Mongrel Mob at least once since becoming Minister.

If they were members of the National Party you know the crooked NZ media would be hounding them persistently on this.


  • I’m confused. Are the gangs the criminals or are you referring to the green party.

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    • Ha, well, they’re all one really. The communists who posture as the Green Party foster lawlessness because it helps their cause of reducing our society to chaos from which they will rebuild the new utopian society. The Alinsky playbook.