Stuff News has to stop its white hate propaganda

Homogeneous societies are successful because they don’t focus on differences that separate them, but on similarities that unite them. A perfect example is Singapore, which is a country of many culturally and ethnically different groups, but they all see themselves first as Singaporeans.

NZ’s left wing media has always been a divisive influence, but since the Ardern govt’s second election victory this tendency has accelerated substantially, and no more so than in the pages of Wellington’s Dominion Post newspaper that now operates digitally as Stuff News. An hysterical article today by their reporter Tony Wall epitomizes this decline.

Mr Wall stereotypes Tauranga and all of its white citizens as racists and “privileged rednecks”, even comparing them to what is perceived as the “Jim Crow” era in the southern United States circa 1890-1960. He wishes death upon those who are not “woke” by urging them to “shuffle off” because they are a “dying breed of dinosaur and the melting pot will sort them out in the end”.

if the vile emotion expressed in this article was reversed, and applied to Maori by a white reporter, he/she would be fired from his job immediately, there would be an investigation by the Human Rights Commission, they would be door knocked by NZ’s politicised Police, and most likely charged with an offence.

In his article Mr Wall refers to the recent arrest of a Tauranga citizen charged not with threatening to kill, but with “making an objectionable publication”. Surely this charge is equally applicable to Mr Wall’s article in Stuff today. Or will the mood of racist anti-white hate that prevails in New Zealand right now, (stirred up by venomous articles like Mr Wall’s), allow him to escape unscathed?

He will escape censure of course, because in our inverted post modernist Marxist society, hatred towards white people is seen as a moral virtue. Mr Wall is more likely to win an award. At the foot of Mr Wall’s article is this statement from Stuff-

“Stuff is committed to representing te ao Māori in our reporting and being a trusted partner for tangata whenua. Our company kaupapa has Te Tiriti o Waitangi at its core.”

The statement omits a prime factor underpinning this stance. Stuff is obliged to adopt this standpoint as a pre-condition to accepting funding from the Ardern govt under the so called “Public Interest Journalism” scheme.

Finally, whether or not there was a “racist” reaction to the Maori language introduction to the opening speech at a Ratepayer’s Association meeting, you can judge for yourself. Here’s a video of that opening segment.


  • Andrea’s latest in the Sunday post would seem to indicate she may be waking up to whats happening here after having trouble getting any info from the Govt having made official requests

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  • alicewontbevaccinated

    Well said Redbaiter. The Stuff mission statement you quote is quite likely why their readership is shrinking week by week, nobody trusts them and nobody wants to be bombarded with divisive government propaganda. Their reporters should probably learn to code and do it soon.

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