National must improve their response to Maori party’s Marxist rhetoric

The National Party have always had extremely weak messaging, and their attempts to present counter arguments to the obviously fiction based allegations of the Fake Maori Party (FMP) is the most recent example.

National too often accept the false premises that underpin most allegations or smears that the left give voice to. In terms of the current accusations from the FMP, the answer is not to concede that colonisation is the issue. When the Nats do concede this they automatically give substance to what is really a worthless and fantasy based charge. Or if you like a lie.

The Nats need to land a knockout punch, and the way to do this, in almost every case of attempted smears from the left, is to hit them with truth.

The truth is the FMP is following age old Marxist strategies aimed at division. So that’s what the Nats should be saying. For example, when the FMP puppet Tova O’Brien parrots their arguments on colonisation, the response might be:

“Look, we’re not interested in allowing the unrepresentative Marxists calling themselves the Maori Party to split this country into warring race based factions so as to weaken it and destablise it. Its a tactic Marxists always use and we’re not falling for it, and as an experienced political reporter, you shouldn’t either. Colonisation is not an issue. This is a great country, and the need is to unify it and remain socially cohesive, and we’re not going to have that if we keep listening to the divisive rhetoric of the self interested Marxist stooges that make up the FMP.”

There is a second element to this, just as important as the first, and that is to always know what the next question would be. With Tova O’Brien or Suzi Fergusson (Red RadioNZ) for example, its a 9 to 1 bet that they would respond with “why is it a Marxist strategy and where has it been used before. Give me an example”.

Which is always a giveaway to their partisan mindset. They know, they just pretend they don’t know. So once again, you just hit them with the truth, which is-

“As a political reporter, you shouldn’t need to ask for such examples, but seeing you have asked, I can tell you that in almost every case where communists have plunged free countries into their ideological hell, they have always used social division as their primary strategies. Russia, China, Cuba, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea. The FMP have read the Marxist handbook, and they’re just trying to use the same strategies here in NZ. Once again, you should know this, you should know better than to give their fatuous divisive allegations air or substance, and the National Party are definitely not going to do that.”

Of course you have to have some knowledge of history and how the communists have operated over the last 100 years to successfully submit these arguments. Its sad that in the case of the Nats, not many have these attributes.

They need to get them. Right now, and put an end once and for all to transparent and feeble and predictable Marxist strategies used by the unrepresentative communist losers who call themselves the Maori Party. If you can’t beat those useless poseurs in an argument, who can you beat?