Tauranga booing a reaction to progressive tyranny

A woman attempting to kick off a Tauranga ratepayers meeting was booed and jeered when she used Maori phrases. The usual lynch mob is on Twitter and other social media screaming racism, but ironically, the crowd was really just expressing its frustration and disapproval of recent racist tyranny by the Ardern govt.

The tyranny behind the crowd’s raucous objections is the removal of voting rights in the matter of the establishment of Maori wards. Last year, the council voted for the Maori wards, but citizens organised a petition and were able to collect the 5000 votes needed (under council regulations) to overturn the decision and force a referendum.

What followed was an astonishing attack on democracy. The council was disbanded by Ardern govt decree and replaced by govt appointed “commissioners”. The unelected commissioners subsequently voted unanimously in favour of Maori wards.

Then, to ensure there could not be another petition or referendum, Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta pushed through the Local Electoral (Māori Wards and Māori Constituencies) Amendment Bill under urgency, preventing such petitions from affecting future council decisions on Māori wards. The law came into force on March 2.

Usual media tyrants were on Twitter

So the Tauranga people have had their democratic rights snatched away by the autocratic rule of the Ardern govt, and naturally this has caused widespread resentment.

The progressive autocracy that is assaulting New Zealand at the moment have to understand that labelling people racists for objecting to tyranny is going to cause a backlash, and what happened in Tauranga is only the start.

Using this smear as a means of shaming people into submission will only work for a while. The insulting pejorative appellation has been overused for some time now, and is clearly nearing the limit of its effectiveness.


  • John Campbell makes me embarrassed to be a New Zealander (6th Gen). He must buy his hand moisturiser in 40gallon drums with all the hand wringing he does.


  • It is extremely sad that a Govt who claims to want to end racism are forcing people into polarised race-based positions. This sad event represents an inevitable groundswell of anger at the radical pro-Maori agenda from a large part of the hundreds of other ethnicities represented in the 85% of NZ without Maori DNA. How can the identity-obsessed fools in Govt be so stupid? How can they not predict an angry backlash when 85% of the population see their rights eroding as part of a push for degrees of citizenship based on DNA?


  • I texted Peter Williams when he mentioned the booing on his talk show.
    e read out my text which said that I felt the response was because of the fact that people were sick of having Maori shoved down their throats.
    At least he read it out.