Greta Boris

A shocking speech from Boris Johnson on “World Environment Day”. So bad its hard to believe you’re actually seeing and hearing it. Britain is so far lost one has to wonder if its worth caring about anymore. A nation that allows itself to be led by a weak shifty charlatan like Boris deserves everything that comes its way.

Johnson takes advice from wife Carrie, who is also totally captured by the Green lobby

Johnson has always been a vile audacious pretender, but his speech on World environment Day (6th June) revealed him to be as off his rocker as the looney Greta Thunberg, when he claimed the Covid19 virus was a punishment brought upon the world because of our failure to care for the environment.

One gets heartily sick of pointing out the worthlessness of odious characters like Johnson. The worst is when he’s so obviously a horrible self serving venal power driven oaf, he manages to remain as leader of the Conservative party, and the Conservative party itself remains far more popular than any other party.

Somewhere in the UK’s democratic system something is seriously awry. Surely not everyone in his party is a powerless belly crawling sycophant? Surely the party can’t be so devoid of real men that there is no better option than Boris Greta Johnson? Surely the remaining options cannot be so bad that people are forced to vote for this sham of a human being?

Its staggering to think that those three questions must all be answered in the affirmative, and that the country that under Churchill lead the world in resisting the Third Reich has fallen to such an impossible and incomprehensible low.

Watch Johnson’s speech and marvel at his superstitious nonsense and his craven submission to the power seeking subversives who control the United Nations. From defying and defeating Hitler to kissing the feet of global communists. What a sad reversal for Britain, and a decline that they may never recover from.


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  • It’s a shame people like him are not becoming extinguished naturally. I’m sure the next war will blow this chaff away in the next strong wind.