New Zealand media apparently ignorant of Fauci downfall

The despicable politically partisan frauds who have taken over New Zealand’s media and turned it into a propaganda device for progressive neo-Marxism apparently don’t have a clue about the downfall of Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor Tony Fauci.

They do know that President Trump has been “banned” for two years by Facebook though, an event headlined on most of their internet sites this morning.

The fact that one comparatively insignificant event gets headlines, and another event of considerable significance gets covered up is just one more example of what partisan manipulators of the news they are. Its as if the old communists who used to run Pravda in the defunct Soviet Union have been reincarnated and now run every news outlet in New Zealand.

Why are they doing this? Well, for one thing, Fauci’s downfall proves Trump was right all along on many related issues, so they’ve got egg on their faces on that score. For the second thing they’re probably afraid the bad news about Fauci may effect the NZ public’s perception of their golden boy, Jacinda’s Chief Medical Advisor Ashley Bloomfield.

And if Bloomfield starts looking bad, then there’s a chance some of that might in turn rub off on PM Jacinda Ardern, and of course the Palace Guard will do all they can to protect their queen.

Western democracy has its flaws, but an essential part of it is a fair and balanced and active media. We don’t have that in this country. We instead have a collection of left wing political activists who have captured the media with the intent of corrupting our democracy, and keeping the communists who feed them (with taxpayer money) in power.

A desperate state of affairs that is damned difficult to escape from. The only way we can fight back friends is to make sure we spread our own knowledge of the media’s deliberate deceit cowardice and manipulation of the news as far and wide as we can by what ever means we can.

Social media and web sites like this are the only resource we have. Use them as much as you can. We must do all we can to fight the monolithic communist media, the cynical amoral actors who control it, and help the collective of poor fools who are daily duped by their deceitful partisan propaganda.


  • Brilliant. About time the Wuhan Lab had the microscope put on it, just as The Don tried. Fauci and his experiments are coming back to bite him. About freaking time.


    • Thank’s Marc. The other aspect to this is that even when Fauci has been exposed as a liar and a fraud, the Biden administration is sticking with him (so far). Because they were a big part of it.

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  • Salacious Crumb

    Bloomfield has been exposed; by his own lies and obfuscation. As recently as Thursday on Hosking’s Breakfast show he dodged all questions as to the MoH vaccine roll out timeline. Was June, now July but more likely August but even then won’t commit to an answer. The man is a terribly poor health leader and a shill puppet for our Socialist government.