Climate change and Covid19 both suffering from epidemic of fake science

Anyone who watches Tucker Carlson (and you all should) would have seen his report on the fake science surrounding the origins of Covid19. How the science community struggled to keep the truth about its origins under wraps for political and financial reasons.

Best selling author Mark Levin. His latest book exposes media political corruption.

It showed the surprising evidence of just how badly the science community behaved towards those within its own ranks who attempted to reveal the truth. As Tucker rolled off the list of their attempts to punish and silence truth tellers, it was impossible for any rational watcher not to mentally compare it with the climate change scam.

One of the most deceitful acts they carried out was to organise a letter from 20 partisan scientists stating the virus did not originate in a lab in Wuhan, even when they knew it probably did! This letter was then used by Associated Press and other communist media sources to underpin their phony fact checking division, that fellow conspirators Facebook and Twitter then used as the basis to cancel the accounts of thousands of users.

All to maintain their fake consensus. Shades of the shameful “97% of scientists agree” scam. Notice how you don’t hear that any more? At the time it was sooo popular, and every man and his lame dog was using it to silence critics.

Later, on the Hannity show, one time Reagan speech writer Mark Levin appeared and in his usual eloquent style, made this very same point. Here is part of the transcript-

Science is supposedly a self-correcting community of experts who constantly check each other’s work. So why didn’t other virologists point out that the Anderson group and these other groups argument was full of absurd large holes?

Perhaps because in today’s universities, speech can be very costly. Careers can be destroyed for stepping out of line. Any virologist who challenges the community’s declared view risks having his next grant application turned down by the panel of fellow virologists that advises the government grant distribution agency.

This should inform us when people run around and talk about man-made climate change, and they don’t have serious science to back it up, and they close down anybody who raises questions as deniers, and we’re supposed to transform our entire free-market economy into some kind of Marxist socialist dream.

Ladies and gentlemen, news flash, the science has been politicized and not by conservatives but by the radical left. They want to destroy our economy based on their science. They want to destroy the private sector, the fossil fuel industry based on their science.

Exactly, and the phony reporters at NZ’s Stuff News, a derelict institution devoid of reason and staffed almost entirely by communist propagandists who won’t print anything countering the false narrative on global warming, are a perfect example.

Leaving aside the lame fancy waistcoat wearing “academics” working at NZ’s politically tainted universities whose arguments wouldn’t stand real scrutiny for five minutes.

We were conned on the origins of Covid19 and we’re being conned on global warming by fake politically partisan scientists who are only doing the bidding of their political benefactors to keep their funding alive and their phony careers intact.

After this Fauci scandal, its as clear as day that anthropogenic climate change is just another load of the same fake science bullshit.


  • Salacious Crumb

    Great commentary Baity. We live in an era of mentacide; where healthy scepticism and empirical evidence based science no longer co-exist. The species is doomed if we don’t address this.


    • There was a scientist on Radio NZ this week claiming the South Island floods were down to climate change. I wrote to him and asked him whether he had empirical evidence to support this claim. He was polite enough to write back, but dodged the question. The truth is everything they say today is based on the presumption that CO2 is the driver of temperature, and they just work from computer models with that presumption built in. Looked him up on Linked In and his whole career is based on climate change. So what would he do if it turned out to be a false theory? He’s personally invested in seeing the myth continue.